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4 Tips to Finding a Managed IT Partner That Understands You

Find a Managed Network Services (MNS) partner that works with you by following these 4 tips.

We all know how frustrating it is to be in a “conversation” where each person is talking AT the other instead of WITH the other. These “conversations” aren’t a true exchange of information. In your personal life, this is annoying. When it comes to helping your business, a partner that …

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Cybersecurity Threats Are Here to Stay -- Don’t Ignore These 5 Challenges in 2019

The worst cybersecurity blunder you can make is sticking your head in the sand and ignoring possible security problems.

It’s no secret that we believe in educating our customers about the challenges and issues around securing their networks and information. Research and common sense -- how many of you have received a “friend request” from a hacked Facebook friend recently? -- reveal that cyber criminal …

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The Cloud Isn’t an Automatic Answer to Your IT Challenges - A Quick Explanation of What the Cloud Is and Isn’t

The cloud isn't what you think it is - it's just a computer located somewhere else.

You can’t escape mentions of “the cloud” as the solution to nearly any business challenge. Need more storage? The cloud. Need to better manage your network? The cloud. Need a business app to manage your documents? The cloud. Need a marketing and/or website platform? The cloud. Need he …

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Are You Managing Your IT or Is Your IT Managing You?

Check out these three reasons to get control of your IT - and how MNS can help.

According to Gartner, an unmanaged PC costs $5,000 a year. That’s a lot of dough if you are a small business even with just a few workstations. While computer hardware itself has gotten less expensive, the real expense is the cost to fix your network when something goes wrong. That’s …

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Recovering From Network Downtime -- RPO and RTO, Two Acronyms to Know

You already know two important keys to recovering from network downtime - RPO and RTO.

At some point, nearly every business will experience a network interruption. Whether caused by a natural disaster, hacker, or human error without a plan already in place, recovery will take longer than it should. Do you know what to do if the systems you run your business on suddenly …

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Five Things Your “Really Great IT Guy” Can’t Give You

There are some things your 'great' IT guy can't give you. These 5 things are at the top of the list.

When it comes to small business IT, many lean on family, or referrals from friends for a really great “IT guy.” If you’re using a break-fix IT strategy for your business, or relying on your uncle's wife's cousin, to keep your computers running, you’re traveling down a risky road and i …

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Phishing Emails and Your Security: Research Details the Continued Risk

Phishing, as funny as it sounds, is no laughing matter - it's still a major threat to your SMB.

“Phishing” lends itself to tongue-in-cheek humor and images, but it’s no laughing matter. Cybercriminals continue to use phishing attacks to trick people into opening emails and/or clicking on links and files that allow malware (like ransomware) to breach your network security. Phishi …

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End-to-End: Your Network Is Locked Up Tight, What About Your Printers and Other Endpoints?

Excellent network security isn't enough to keep your SMB from being hacked - when was the last time you secured your printers?

Information security is an issue that’s not ever going away. Methods of protection and attack will change over the years, but there will be cybercriminals attempting to steal data when we all finally get our flying cars in the future. Most companies and leaders have at least heard abo …

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Excuses We Hear About Failing to Plan for Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery aren't things you should be making excuses for if you want your SMB to stay running for a long, long time.

I originally had “disaster recovery” instead of “business continuity” in the title of this post. Then I remembered that while disaster recovery is important, it's almost like white noise to many SMB leaders. It's easy to think “The chances of a disaster affecting my business are minim …

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