Dan Stoy, Solutions Specialist // Managed Network Services

Dan Stoy, Solutions Specialist // Managed Network Services

I have a proven track record of helping customers, whether it’s been on a one on one basis or delivering support for large enterprise organizations. My desire to make things better coupled with my passion for IT and helping others is what makes me a perfect fit to figure out your IT needs.

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Recovering From Network Downtime -- RPO and RTO, Two Acronyms to Know

You already know two important keys to recovering from network downtime - RPO and RTO.

At some point, nearly every business will experience a network interruption. Whether caused by a natural disaster, hacker, or human error without a plan already in place, recovery will take longer than it should. Do you know what to do if the systems you run your business on suddenly …

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Five Things Your “Really Great IT Guy” Can’t Give You

There are some things your 'great' IT guy can't give you. These 5 things are at the top of the list.

When it comes to small business IT, many lean on family, or referrals from friends for a really great “IT guy.” If you’re using a break-fix IT strategy for your business, or relying on your uncle's wife's cousin, to keep your computers running, you’re traveling down a risky road and i …

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Phishing Emails and Your Security: Research Details the Continued Risk

Phishing, as funny as it sounds, is no laughing matter - it's still a major threat to your SMB.

“Phishing” lends itself to tongue-in-cheek humor and images, but it’s no laughing matter. Cybercriminals continue to use phishing attacks to trick people into opening emails and/or clicking on links and files that allow malware (like ransomware) to breach your network security. Phishi …

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Excuses We Hear About Failing to Plan for Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery aren't things you should be making excuses for if you want your SMB to stay running for a long, long time.

I originally had “disaster recovery” instead of “business continuity” in the title of this post. Then I remembered that while disaster recovery is important, it's almost like white noise to many SMB leaders. It's easy to think “The chances of a disaster affecting my business are minim …

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The 3 Best Reasons SMBs Should Adopt Proactive Network Management

There's tons of reasons your SMB should adopt proactive network monitoring - read on to learn the 3 best reasons to partner with a Managed Networks expert.

The Internet allows SMBs to compete directly with businesses of any size - often successfully. Technology means you can use social media to market your business, eCommerce allows you to sell nationally -- and globally, communicate in seconds with email and online messaging and chat to …

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Are You Confused About Managed IT Services?

Technical jargon (or geek speak, as I like to call it) can be confusing...why are there so many ways to talk about managed services that relate to information technology?!

IT professionals have one thing in common – a tendency to speak in geek-speak. Using technical language, acronyms, and inside lingo speeds communication when IT pros are trying to solve a problem. When that jargon bleeds over into talking to business professions, confusion is the usua …

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The 5 Things Managed IT Supports That SMB Owners Care About

Managed IT Services supports the 5 big things you care about for your SMB.

Executives don't usually care about information technology. Smart company leaders understand, however, that IT can help them with the five things they DO care about: Growth Productivity Efficiency Security Downtime Whether you're a business owner, C-level executive, or someone who wan …

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Is Your Office Prepared? 16 Questions to Ask Yourself About Disaster Recovery

Can you answer 'yes' to these 16 questions about how your business will handle disaster recovery?

Before getting into this post, let's quickly talk about disaster recovery. Most people see the word “disaster” and think of hurricanes, fire, flood, tornadoes, volcanoes, or other natural disasters. Of course, those can and do cause business disruption. However, what disaster recovery …

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Why SMBs Should Focus on Keeping Anti-Virus Software Up-to-Date

Is your anti-virus software up to date? These 3 reasons will remind you why you need to take the 5 minutes to update whenever there's a security patch.

How many of us have ignored the alert on our computer to update software – especially anti-virus protection? If you're in the middle of something, you could have every intention of updating the software later. Every day you delay is another chance for a hacker to find the hole in your …

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