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The 5 Things Managed IT Supports That SMB Owners Care About

Executives don't usually care about information technology.

Smart company leaders understand, however, that IT can help them with the five things they DO care about:

  1. Growth
  2. Productivity
  3. Efficiency
  4. Security
  5. Downtime 

Whether you're a business owner, C-level executive, or someone who wants to look good to the business owner and/or C-level execs, managed IT (network management and security and more) supports the business in all five concerns.


We all want more business, but is your IT infrastructure set up to support or hinder your growth? Your expertise as a business leader isn't in the details of IT.

A managed IT partner will work with you to identify areas of weakness and opportunity to support robust business growth. Information technology pros have a hard enough time keeping up with new tools, approaches, and best practices.

Your time is best spent working to identify business direction. A managed IT partner will let you focus on business growth while they identify the best options for your next server and what anti-virus package to use.


IT that gets in the way of employees means they aren't working as effectively as they should be. When you have the right IT infrastructure, IT boosts worker productivity instead of dragging it down.

Even better, because managed IT services take a load off of your in-house IT team's plate; they can focus on identifying improvements to internal processes instead of being interrupted daily with complaints about “not being able to connect to the network.” 

Your mindset here is critical to success. Read Your View of Information Technology Could Be the Difference Between Business Success or Just Getting By to discover why the right mindset relative to IT can boost a business' success.


When the network goes down, work isn't being done. Revenue is being lost because orders aren't being taken. It's also bad for employee morale – who wants to work at an office where the tools they need to get their jobs done don't perform flawlessly?

Managed IT services provides proactive attention and maintenance on your network so downtime is minimized, if not eliminated.  


Network management and cybersecurity are important, but they are “lights on” functionality. You wouldn't think about running your own power company. Network management and cybersecurity are two functions that can be easily outsourced. With these issues off of your plate, you can focus on your business and your IT can focus on higher-level tasks. And with the cybersecurity hiring gap, it's harder and harder to find in-house staff capable of keeping you secure.


We've focused a lot on security in the past year (click here to read all security-related posts). That's because cybersecurity is an issue too many SMBs ignore and one that can take down a business (not a great combo!).

Cyberattacks continue to increase. Ransomware can bring a business to its knees. 

Managed IT partner will monitor your network 24/7 and proactively apply patches and updates to close the door on hackers.

However, security IS an issue many SMB leaders ignore AND a security lapse is liable to happen to most SMBs – not a good combination!

Get more done without worrying about your IT infrastructure.

You don't need to know how it works, just that it's working.

Discover more of the benefits of managed IT in our free toolkit. Download it below.


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