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When Your Service Partner Has Soul, They Care More

Baby let me be your soul driver – Bruce Springsteen

I love Bruce Springsteen!

I was recently asked by a customer “What makes you different from all of the other copier dealers I could buy from?” 

We, that is Coordinated Business Systems, have soul.

That's why we're different. That's what sets us apart from our competitors.

Soul is “the animating principle; the essential element or part of something.


Yes, soul. Let me explain.

I started this business in 34 years ago (October 1983) to help companies get the best possible equipment – and service – they needed for their printing and copying needs. We've added additional services since 1983, but the goal remains the same – help our customers.

Business isn't just about making money (though that part is important if you want to stay in business). It's about serving the customer. Making the focus on them.

It's about “Customer First. Always.”

That's how we work and organize our business.

We're local. Beyond that, we're family. I started this business with my lovely bride. I have the great pleasure of working with my children every day.

How lucky can a guy be?

I do my best to create a family atmosphere in the office. Part of my daily routine is to walk around and say “Good morning” to everyone.

Sales starts every day with a thought I love to think as a salesperson, “It's a great day to sell something!”

This local ownership (that'd be me) means that we're part of the community. I serve my neighbors and local community. I want everyone to be successful.

We aren't interested in nickel and diming you to death. We want you to stay in business with us, not move on to another provider because we weren't the partner you needed. 

Soul is heart, empathy, caring, listening, and putting you first. Helping you is our “animating principle.” 

It's the old school level of service – the sound of the bell ringing when the door opens followed by a “How can I help you?”

That's us.

That's who we are.

That's who we'll always be.

Our Unique Principle

Coordinated's success is built on this simple principle: “Take Care and Be Fair,”

Here's what that means –

  • We will always provide the best service possible.
  • We will always do the right thing.
  • We will always treat customers honorably.

This wouldn't be possible without Coordinated's excellent team. Building a team in a family atmosphere allows everyone to take the best possible care of our customers. Our work environment allows career and professional goals to be integrated. We strive to provide ongoing training, a preference to promote from within, employee recognition awards, health benefits, and paid time off – vacation and personal time (everyone needs a mental health day once in a while). 

I think that if you have soul . . . that if you really focus on helping your customers . . . your “glory days” won't pass you by in the “wink of a young girl's eye” (I couldn't pass up another Bruce example!).

Our Promise

Teamwork, accountability, and communication will continue to be the cornerstones of Coordinated Business Systems.

Today is a great day to help our customers.

Hubba, hubba.

I'll leave you with a little Bruce, riffing on Sweet Soul Music.


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