What Is Document Management?
Drowning in a sea of paperwork? Are filing cabinets taking up valuable real estate in your office? Have you had to deal with lost documents, cluttered workspaces and slow, inefficient workflows? A document management system is especially important for small and mid-size businesses. Chances are your staff already wears a lot of hats. Locating documents and filing them can take considerable time away from other important office tasks, such as delivering the best customer service possible to your valued clients.

An effective document management system streamlines data capture and document storage and retrieval, automatically indexing documents so you don't have to allocate human resources to do redundant tasks. Authorized employees can access files and documents any time they need to, even on mobile devices. This level of efficiency can help take small businesses to the next level, freeing more time to generate new business, deliver better customer service and compete more aggressively in today's marketplace. And you'll get back some of that valuable floor space by making filing cabinets obsolete.

Document management will help you:

  • Efficiently scan, index, and store documents

  • Retrieve documents by keyword search

  • Store documents electronically in a safe, secure location

  • Securely access documents from anywhere via an Internet connection.

If you're ready to free yourself from paperwork, Coordinated Business Systems will design a document management solution customized to your unique business needs to help improve productivity, free up office space, and decrease your operational costs. Contact us today.