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Did you know that the average employee makes 10,000 copies a year and wastes up to 17 percent of the documents they print? The average employee also wastes up to 17 percent of the documents they print.

It's estimated that office printing costs average 3 percent of a company's annual revenue. Most companies underestimate these printing costs by as much as 50 percent. For example, say your company has an annual revenue of $10 million. On average, printing costs for a company of this size equal $300,000.

In addition to the actual costs associated with printing, consider the time it takes to order supplies for your printers, deal with repairs, and wait through downtime while the repairs are being made. Imagine if you could save up to 41 percent (for a $10 million company, that's as much as $123,000 per year). These savings can boost your bottom line-check out our cost calculator to figure out how much your business could save.

Many companies are turning to managed print services to streamline their printing processes so that staff can focus on more important revenue-generating tasks. Coordinated Business Systems can identify all of your hidden costs with an initial assessment of how your document output workflow is managed. Then, we can develop a strategic road map to optimize your printing infrastructure and significantly reduce your costs.

Contact Coordinated Business Systems for your free assessment today so we can help your company eliminate wasted time and effort and put more money back in your pocket!


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