Abandon the Filing Cabinets: Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Imagine your office without filing cabinets.

There's more space for those desks you never have room for and less clutter to distract you from your work. Still, there's nothing to store those documents you spend hours looking for with no results.

So where do all of those documents go?

Instead of investing resources into paper documents and spending the time and money associated with storage and printing, enhance your productivity with an electronic document management system. You'll spend less time searching, utilize your space more effectively and save on operational costs.

Stop drowning in a sea of papers. Check out these benefits of an electronic document management system. They'll make you want to abandon the filing cabinets and choose greater efficiency for your business.

Increased productivity

"Invoices." With one keyword, you'll have all the invoices you need at your fingertips without the added stress of a lengthy search through physical folders and files. In addition to keyword searches, an electronic document management system allows you to efficiently scan, index and store documents.

You don't need to be at the office to access files, either. Whether you're telecommuting or in need of a document while you're on a business trip, your files will be accessible with an Internet connection. Your customers will notice, too, as they'll spend less time on hold waiting for employees to access specific documents. It's a win-win situation.

Better space management

When you ditch the filing cabinets, your office becomes more open and less cluttered. There's space to maneuver around those small spaces, and room for that extra desk or seating area you've always wanted to include.

There's no need to worry about important documents sitting in your office, at risk of being stolen. Forget about data breaches, too-electronic document management systems securely store your information.

More savings

How much you're spending on filing cabinets goes beyond the price tag at the store - you'd be surprised to learn the hidden costs. If you're utilizing 15 square feet of your office space for filing cabinets and paying $50 per square foot for your property, that's $9,000 you could be spending on other things.

Printing costs add up, too. Electronic document management allows your documents to be available in one central location, so you avoid making copies for everyone and can streamline your business processes across multiple departments.

Coordinated Business Systems provides an electronic document management system that's customized to your business needs. Our professionals will work with you to discover how your business could best benefit from electronic document management and provide you with timely and efficient service. Request an evaluation or contact us today to learn more and begin the transition from filing cabinets to first-rate technology.