Why Remote Network Monitoring is Critical for Your Business
Your customers rely on you to deliver reliable, consistent service. Network downtime, email access failure, remote connectivity difficulties, printer jams and workstation crashes can exhaust valuable time from your existing IT workload and staff members. In the worst-case scenario, network downtime could cost your company millions of dollars in lawsuits or lost revenue.

The true cost of downtime, outages and failures was discussed in a recent article on, which cites an example from Virgin Blue Airlines as a warning about the impact an outage can have on a company's bottom-line and reputation: "In September 2010, Virgin Blue's airline's check-in and online booking systems went down. Virgin Blue suffered a hardware failure, on September 26, and subsequent outage of the airline's internet booking, reservations, check-in and boarding systems. The outage severely interrupted the Virgin Blue business for a period of 11 days, affecting around 50,000 passengers and 400 flights, and was restored to normal on October 6."

This IT outage cost the company $20 million in lost profits, which was collected from its reservations management company, Navitaire. Left unchecked, sooner or later your business network could fail too, leaving customers un-served, employees idle, and your reputation hurt. If you run a small to mid-size business, you may not always have the resources at-hand to quickly respond when problems arise. That's why remote network monitoring is a service you can't afford to ignore. Thankfully, Coordinated Business Systems has developed sophisticated processes and invested in software that can identify potential problems before they disrupt your network or workflow.

With a disaster recovery and online back-up program, Coordinated Business Systems can make certain your data is off-site and secure with the ability to be rapidly restored in the event of an emergency. For organizations where data is critical and risk tolerance is low, we can replicate the image and restore your data from anywhere.

Investing in a remote network monitoring solution is a task you may not have considered for your business. But in today's world, it's an insurance policy no business can afford to be without. Contact Coordinated Business Systems today with questions about this service or any other information technology concern.