Managed IT Services is the outsourcing of IT needs and technology solutions to an external partner. The partner, also known as the Managed Services Provider, takes on the responsibility for ongoing IT needs such as managing and monitoring systems, protecting information, preventing issues, and resolving problems. IT Managed services allows you to predict and budget IT costs, focus on core business functions, save on capital expenditures and receive access to specialized skills.

Managed IT Services and Network Monitoring

Managed IT Solutions for Business
At Coordinated Business Systems, we understand your daily business depends on technology to operate and compete, which is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support it. We will work with you to create and provide a technology plan for your business needs - from discussing the "nuts and bolts" of your network infrastructure to the user support process to ensure a consistent and reliable technology experience.

In the ever-changing world of technology, it's crucial that your company has a solid grasp on the more common IT problems that could happen and a plan to address them. Our Managed IT program allows you to transfer the risk and accountability associated with IT to us so you can focus on your core business functions. In addition, we provide you with peace of mind knowing that your critical IT assets and data are protected.

Program Advantages: 

  • Increased Productivity Combining preventative maintenance and remote monitoring will help ensure your network behaves in a stable and reliable manner, by preventing issues before they happen.  This gives your team more time to focus on doing what they do best.  
  • Faster Network Resolution Continuous insight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution. 
  • Predictable Budget Through regular reviews we will build you a proactive plan with full documentation and a flat monthly fee. This will will help maximize your IT investment and give you a more predictable budget. 

Service Desk and Support

Our Service Desk offers a central point for your team to get answers to all the technical questions they need. Our professionals can troubleshoot your problems over the phone, securely remote into your network, or come on-site when needed. See how our service desk team stacks up! 

Your customers depend on you to deliver reliable, consistent service. Network downtime, e-mail issues, remote connectivity problems, slow workstations and unresponsive programs can exhaust valuable time from your employees and end up costing thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue. With Coordinated Business Systems Managed IT Services, our mission is to identify potential problems and correct them remotely before your team experiences a problem.  When an issue can't be prevented, we'll be there to resolve the issue with as minimal impact to your business as possible. It is like having a full-time IT staff without the costly overhead!