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Implementing Artificial Intelligence in your Office: Benefits and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be one of the most promising technologies of our time. It is already being implemented in various industries, and your workplace is likely no exception. AI has the ability to improve the way we work, and organizations are increasingly exploring its a …

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5 Simple Tips to Speed up Your Computer when it’s Running Slowly

A slow computer can be extremely frustrating and greatly impact your workday and productivity. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to speed up your computer that take very little time and require little or no assistance at all. The five steps below will get your computer runnin …

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What SMBs Should Expect from their Managed IT Provider (and at what cost)

man in suit sitting at a table on laptop

Should SMBs work with Managed IT Providers? When people hear "managed IT provider," they usually assume it's only for the big dogs handling complex issues. But actually, small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from investing in a managed IT partner as well. Take a look at our lis …

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5 Most Common IT Problems Your Company Faces

As the technology landscape continues to change, it's important to us to keep this post updated. We've kept the original post as they are still common IT issues – just maybe not as common. Security: Network, Data, and Cybercrime Security is a problem for all companies. Every company i …

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Copier and Printer Repair Do's and Don'ts


Copiers and printers are essential to most businesses. Whether preparing a big pitch, onboard a new employee, or an important meeting - we depend on them to churn out essential documents.

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10 Simple Steps to Stop Paper Jams

Copiers and printers jam. It's just a part of office life. How often they jam is something you can control. Proactive maintenance and regular cleaning are two obvious steps to take to keep your copiers and printers functioning at peak capability. While some offices maintain and clean …

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How Technology Impacts Employee Retention

With many still trying to recover from “the great resignation” employers are not only looking at what they can do to bring in new employees, but also to keep their top performers. Supplying better benefits, shorter workweeks/workdays, and in-office perks like free lunches, gyms, and p …

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Why is my color usage higher than it should be?

When I meet with prospects, I ask them “does the amount of color volume that you are billed for seem higher than it should be?”  I’d ask you to ask yourself that question.

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Can I Reduce the Cost of Unnecessary Color?

YES! Why else would I be writing this? 

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