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Common Misconceptions Around Managed IT

Managed IT systems are notorious for causing confusion among clients. From deciding whether to outsource their IT management to whether it is more economical and truly secure, clients have plenty of questions when considering managed IT systems.

In this post, we’ll address some of the most common misconceptions surrounding managed IT systems.

Misconception #1 - We need someone onsite for IT support services.

You probably only need someone on call in case of an emergency situation. Our 24/7 helpdesk means that any Level-1 support issues are handled remotely, freeing up time so that your employees can focus on other tasks.. Our helpdesk provides live technical support as well as troubleshooting for any technical problems.

By utilizing our helpdesk, you’ll reduce the amount of time that the members of your team spend on all of the small but persistent IT problems that pop up. If you do have a full-time IT staff, they’ll be able to spend more time on bigger and more meaningful activities, ensuring valuable resources are properly utilized throughout your company.

Misconception #2 - We will lose control of our IT infrastructure.

Potential clients often worry that they will sacrifice control of their IT systems. While Coordinated is here to safely store your data and troubleshoot your technical problems - all IT networks will always remain property of the client.

Allowing managed IT systems to manage your IT services does not mean relinquishing control, but instead optimizing your company’s systems.

Misconception #3 - Managing our IT internally will cost less.

A major barrier in changing over to a managed IT system, is that clients often mistakenly believe that outsourcing their IT needs will lead to an enormous bill.

On the contrary, using Coordinated to manage your IT infrastructure will actually result in cost savings. We’re experts at running technological systems both efficiently and economically, meaning that you won’t ever overpay.

Using the Coordinated helpdesk will mean that your IT problems can be managed remotely, so you won’t need to pay a full-time troubleshooter - cutting costs even further.

Persistent IT problems take up time and financial resources - outsourcing them to the Coordinated helpdesk ensures the root of the issue is quickly identified, and the problem is successfully resolved.

Misconception #4 - Our current IT infrastructure setup works.

While plenty of clients might be more or less happy with the current status quo, it’s important to remember that Managed IT services are the only way to truly optimize your IT systems to their full potential.

While you might already have an on-site IT team, a specialized team comes with additional advantages. By consistently providing IT support for various companies, Coordinated has plenty of experience in resolving complex cloud-related issues and will often anticipate them before they become a bigger problem. Although you might already have a designated member of the team to troubleshoot and fix general IT problems, by using managed IT systems you will be able to have a full IT team focused exclusively on the advanced particularities of your IT system. This also means that as your company grows and your IT system becomes more complex, you will have the relevant support needed to scale up your IT system and ensure continued functionality with minimal to no disruption.

Misconception #5 - Managed IT systems are not secure.

Many clients believe that off-site cloud systems are not as secure as on-site data centers.

However, security breaches are much more likely to occur at on-premises data centers than in public clouds due to more vulnerable security measures at on-site centers.

While security is never 100 percent guaranteed in any system, on-site, or in the cloud - Coordinated managed IT services make security a priority. You can rest easy that your company’s data is safely stored in a secure electronic space, as Coordinated uses encryption abilities for security and compliance.

Integrating managed backup systems is a scalable alternative to on-site servers. By using Coordinated, you will never pay for more capability or storage than your company needs.

Using Coordinated Business Systems to manage your IT infrastructure will mean that your files are safely stored. Shockingly, 58% of businesses aren’t prepared for substantial data losses and even more concerning, around 60% of companies go out of business within six months of a substantial data loss.

Proper backup is critical to ensure that your data is properly stored and that your company continues to run smoothly. Coordinated's backup system allows you to easily access older versions of documents in the event that the current version is lost, corrupted, or deleted.

Many managed IT systems also offer monitoring, reporting, and analytics of your data, making it easy to track anything you have stored on the system.

Misconception #6 - It is too difficult to transition to Managed IT.

Transitioning to any new company-wide system comes with its difficulties. Though with the help of Coordinated Managed Services, any business, small or large will be able to painlessly change over to the new system with minimal disruption to workflow.

While you might believe that it’s easier and simpler to develop your own in-house IT infrastructure, it will most likely be more expensive and take more time than if you outsource the task. A team of true professionals, such as Coordinated, know how to avoid common roadblocks and get the job done efficiently.

Troubleshooting in-house can result in increased costs and delays in the process. In this case, trying to save money will only result in wasting even more of your company's resources.

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