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Benefits of streamlining document workflows and document management

Organization is critical to the smooth day-to-day operations of any business. Gone are the days of trying to track down a single sheet of paper or a key file. In order to be productive and efficient, files must be easy to store and to find at a later date.


With so many tasks to accomplish in any one day, searching for documents is a waste of time and money that could be more usefully spent on other areas of your business.


Streamlining document workflows and implementing a document management strategy are essential to keeping your company efficient and productive.


How do streamlining document workflows and document management systems operate?


Utilizing a document management system means that all documents are tracked, managed and stored digitally. This means your employees will never have to waste time trying to track down physical copies of documents. What's more, staff won’t even have to be in the office to find the document. Digitally storing all files will mean everything is in the same place and can be found from anywhere in the world.


Harnessing powerful, cutting-edge technology, document management solutions keep documents in a safe, secure, and digital location.


Files are easy to restore from backup, meaning you don’t need to worry about lost, corrupted or accidentally deleted files. You'll also be able to easily limit who has access to certain documents by managing access by department or by individual.



Why harness the power of document workflow and document management?

Save Money and Time

According to PWC, organizations currently spend $20 on labor to file a document and $120 to retrieve an incorrectly filed document, followed by a shocking $220 to reproduce a lost document. Around 7.5% of all documents get lost, meaning companies are spending astronomical amounts of money and time chasing paper documents.

Streamlining your company’s document workflow and utilizing a document management system will save countless hours of your employees’ precious work hours and ultimately save your company's financial resources. All employees with permission will be able to access files and documents any time they need to, making it easy for individuals to pull up documents when they need them.

Improved Communication

A streamlined document management system will result in an efficient communication system. By leveraging a centralized software program, your employees will be better connected than before and find it much easier to communicate with one another. There will be fewer unnecessary face-to-face meetings as it will now be possible to simply forward the documents upon request. Your employees won't have to constantly chase down one another, instead, they'll be able to track documents when they need them.

Streamlining your document management system will ultimately make your employees’ communication more efficient.


Storing your documents digitally with our powerful software has the added benefit of improved security. Access to sensitive documents can be managed at a folder level, allowing only individuals with permission to view them. Storing documents in a secure system also makes them more traceable - you’ll be able to view when each was last opened and modified.

Back up

Relying on only paper copies of documentation is too risky when you consider just how easy it is to misplace them. Storing your documents electronically means they’ll always be protected against fire or any other disaster. Our backup system means that documents are easily recoverable, while advanced index systems makes documents easy to track.


Storing all documents digitally will give you and your employees much more freedom and flexibility. Neither you nor other members of your team will need to be in the office to access a document. This should give your workforce peace of mind that if you have to travel for work, you won't have to rely on remembering that one key document - instead you'll be able to access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

How to Begin Implementing Document Management

SmartDoc Document Management from Coordinated Business Systems will allow you to digitally manage the lifecycle of any electronically formatted document. Once the document is created, it can progress to be captured and stored, retrieved, manipulated and ultimately be circulated.

Our advanced electronic document management software ensures that all documents are correctly stored, indexed, secured and properly shared within your company.

Why choose Coordinated Business Systems?

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped 1,000’s of organizations improve their productivity and efficiency with our office technology solutions. Our ‘Customers First Always’ approach means we’re proactive and always seeking the most effective solution. We frequently check in with customers to ensure that they’re happy with their new system. Our priority is that companies find a cost-effective solution that allows them to function at their most productive and efficient.

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