4 Workplace Collaboration Tools to Boost Your Business
You may have been asked how well you work with others in a job interview. If you said that you prefer to work alone, chances are, you didn't get the job. But collaboration in today's workplace goes far beyond teamwork. Information and knowledge sharing is more important than ever before. And with the rise of cloud computing, video conferencing, instant messaging and content management systems, getting the right workplace collaboration tools is more important than ever before.

Communicating with customers and employees has drastically changed in the last 10 or 15 years. For example, social media has forced companies to speak to consumers and staff in a much more human and personable way. Even the largest corporations are realizing the benefits of being more transparent and approachable. That extends to workplace interactions-it's more true than ever that happy employees are productive employees, and the benefits of workplace camaraderie are incalculable.

Besides fostering a more unified and happier workforce, good workplace collaboration also means improving efficiency through emergent technologies. Here are just four ways team can collaborate using new business technologies to boost productivity and the bottom line.
1. Cloud-based Document Sharing
If you're still emailing documents back and forth and maintaining a physical filing system as your primary organizational system, you're making things much harder than you need to. A cloud-based document management program not only saves significant amounts of time by eliminating redundant tasks, it allows your employees to easily access the documents and information they need from any location. It also helps streamline version control, reducing errors and confusion. Enterprise-wide document management benefits any type of organization but is a must for any company with a global workforce.

At Coordinated Business Systems, we specialize in Document Management Systems that can improve your organization's productivity, free up office space, and decrease your operational costs. From creation to disposal, your documents' entire lifecycles are managed with optimal efficiency.

2. Video Conferencing 
Video conferencing remains popular for businesses of all sizes. It enables collaboration across the globe by making it possible to attend meetings and webinars, or talk face-to-face with colleagues and clients no matter where they are. Video conferencing also cuts the cost of doing business by reducing the amount of business trips needed for meetings and presentations.
 3. Content Management System (CMS)
A cloud-based content management system (CMS) benefits your customers by helping you keep track of their purchases and history while helping your business by collecting valuable data that informs key decisions and product development. The end result? Better customer service. With a network CMS, your employees can access the data they need at any time without having to jump through hoops and wait for someone else to deliver vital information.

Of course, without a stable, secure network to power your business applications and content, outages can occur and negatively impact customer relationships. Technical problems can happen to even the most prepared teams, so it's important to have information technology support you can rely on when new technologies are introduced. The Smart ITSM Managed Services team of Coordinated Business Systems works with you as a partner, not a vendor, to ensure you experience a robust and fully functioning network. No matter your distinct hardware and software setup, we will constantly assess the system for vulnerabilities and provide any level of support to fit your budget.

4. Virtual Workforce
Document management programs have opened the door to more flexible and cost-effective work arrangements for many companies. With one simple login, remote workers can connect to the corporate office and work as efficiently as if they were there in person. From entirely virtual organizations that telecommute daily to a physical office with flexibility for employees to adapt their work life to personal emergencies, everyone can benefit from the digital technologies behind modern collaboration.

All in all, workplace collaboration tools benefit everyone. The easier it is to access information and connect, the more productive and happy your employees will be. Coordinated Business Systems specializes in Total Office Solutions, including cloud-based document management programs and other technologies that truly leverage collaboration for the most impactful business results. If you want to move to a more collaborative workforce, contact us today to get started.