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What exactly is Managed IT?

Your business is dependent on technology and you need your IT systems to be running in tip-top shape. When IT fires of any size come up, how are they being put out? Do you have a small IT team or a “tech-savvy” employee to take care of the problem? Maybe you call in an S.O.S. IT service, either way, you’re most likely suffering huge losses of time, effort, and money spent on emergency break/fix-it problems.

A managed IT service is a sustainable solution that works 24/7 to keep all of your IT systems running like a charm.

What is a Managed IT service?

Managed IT services are provided by a third-party contractor to help organize and streamline all of the IT systems you use in your business. Basically, it puts some of those pesky, day-to-day IT problems, that inevitably pop up, into the hands of your managed service provider, so you’re not stuck cleaning up the mess. Your managed IT service provider will be working around the clock to detect the smallest blip in the system, and with the help of highly trained experts, they’ll solve problems before they reach your customers and clients.

Your Guide to Managed IT Lingo

Information Technology (IT): This is what we mean when we talk about solutions for storing, transmitting, creating, and using data through any and all computing devices, networks, and telecommunications. This is how you communicate, pay and receive orders, manage marketing and sales information, and do all of the day-to-day tasks that make your business run smoothly .

Managed IT companies are who makes sure that all of your systems are working together smoothly and securely, around the clock.

Break/fix model: The break/fix model is when businesses hire third-party specialists to repair, upgrade or install systems in emergency cases.

Here's how it works: something breaks, chaos ensues, you search frantically for someone to fix it, they do but only after the IT damage has been done, you're left with an empty wallet, and the cycle starts again.

This model is becoming a thing of the past as the benefits of managed IT are becoming clear to just about everyone; two-thirds of businesses are using some kind of managed IT services.

Management service provider (MSP): This is a company that provides you with managed IT services. Services may include: cloud hosting, managed backup, help desk support, network monitoring and support on all devices, backup and disaster recovery, and security training to help your businesses find IT solutions.

Service-level agreement (SLA): This is a contract between a business and their managed IT service provider stating what IT services the service provider will manage. SLA’s usually include a fixed timeline for how long you will receive the managed IT services before it’s time to renew.

Make sure that your managed IT service provider also includes how they will measure the success of their IT management plan so that you can personalize your IT services and start to build a working relationship with your trusted managed IT service company.

Benefits of Managed IT services

Managed IT is essential for any business that uses technology, which is just about everyone.

It's smart: If you’re a small business you don't have time to learn all of the IT technical knowledge just to run your business, let alone teach it to another employee. It’s essential for your business that you outsource to experts who can help run your managed IT service.

It’s fast: When you outsource your IT management you’ll reduce the amount of time that in-house departments have to spend on it. That means more time to spend on the actual substance of your work.

It’s budgetable: According to Gartner, an unmanaged PC costs $5,000 a year on the break/fix model. Using a managed IT service means no surprise costs. You will be billed with a predictable monthly fee instead of a bomb-dropping expense when IT problems need to be fixed.

It’s ahead of the curve: With managed IT you no longer have to worry whether or not you have the right software, that your software is up-to-date, and your software is working as hard as it can for you; your managed IT service provider is all over that. Also, your provider can get you access to the right technology to keep your business running smoothly.

What’s the benefit of Managed IT for my business?

When you’re shopping for your managed service provider you’ll see many similarities, but if you keep looking and have conversations with a few, you’ll see that each business runs differently.

It's important to choose a managed IT provider that takes your businesses needs into account and doesn't just give you a one-size-fits-all cover up for your technology challenges.

At Coordinated, we help our clients solve business problems through smart applications that run the gamut of all business technology tools. Our managed IT services are designed with you and your needs in mind, and to run in tandem with other crucial services like business phone systems, document management systems, and printers.

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