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The 5 Reasons It's Better to Buy a Copier Locally

Ask anyone who works in the independent office technology industry and you will find that there is a common fabric woven among employees who work there. 

They genuinely love to serve and they are almost goofy with enthusiasm about the solutions they provide.

That enthusiasm has a direct impact on you, our customer.

We’ve talked about it before, but here are five reasons why you should always go local (whether it's a purchase, lease, or managed print services contract) when it comes to office technology:

No Bias: We bring Our Customers Best-in-Class Solutions

Independent dealers have greater flexibility to offer a wider range of products. This results in instant benefits for our customers. 

We aren’t pushing a brand like the manufacturers who can only sell their own.

We also work especially hard to stay ahead of the curve and vet all of the products and solutions we bring into our offering.

We also have deep relationships with all of the manufacturers we represent. That way, if we need help from a manufacturer for a custom configuration, we have a direct line. It’s the best of both worlds!

You'll Receive a Higher Level of Service Than If You Work With “The Big Guys”

Every Coordinated office is staffed with vibrant, goal-oriented individuals that love coming to work each day. And, because of that, our customers receive prompt, personalized attention when they need help.

We live by our business philosophy: Customer First. Always.

Everyone – from our sales and service teams to our dispatchers and delivery specialists – has a burning desire to help you succeed. All of our employees are committed to listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and providing solutions.

That’s how we keep customers first always!

You Aren't Just Another Number to an Independent Dealer, You're a Person

At Coordinated, customers are not just numbers to us (although we certainly love it when our number of customers rises!). We believe in the tremendous value of a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Choosing the right office technology for your business is not just about the solutions you choose, but the partner that supports those products. Even better, we aren’t just numbers or outsourced support personnel when you call on us either - we are people too!

Phone calls are answered on the first ring, and you speak directly to real live person.

Our People Have Heart (and Soul)

One of the unique things about a family-owned business is that employee retention is typically very high. 

That’s because, unlike a manufacturer direct business, decisions are made by the owners with their employees best interests at heart, no need to run management decisions up the corporate chain. 

We take our recruiting very seriously and always try to find the best candidates who have heart and passion for delivering superior customer service too. Like I mentioned before, we look for that special fabric in all potential employees.

Jim Oricchio; our Founder, CEO, and President; wrote about our company soul last year: When Your Service Partner Has Soul, They Care More.

Local Dealers Support the Community

As a local entity, we have vested interest in helping organizations all around us be their best. That’s why all year long we are actively involved in supporting local organizations and their initiatives through direct donations and partnerships. 

We are proud of our deep involvement within the nonprofit community where we can offer special pricing because we call the shots. You won’t see that kind of personal involvement with the big guys.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s a reality. Helping people solve their business challenges is rewarding and something that every Coordinated employees wakes up every day to do for you.

Come see for yourself. The benefits you receive for working with an independent will never end.

What printer is best for your business?

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