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Have the 5 Most Common IT problems Changed?

Our most-read blog over the past 5 years has been “The 5 Most Common IT Problems Your Company Faces”. As we navigate the current landscape of business, I asked myself the question, have these problems changed? Let’s review and find out...

Network and Data Security

This is still the number one problem. When the original blog was written it was a problem, now it's a crisis. If you have not reviewed your network security protocols, you need to. Activity is 6 times higher than it has ever been as hackers are getting better and penetrating networks with a variety of tactics. The need for this has done nothing but increase.


Data Backup Issues

When cybercriminals get to your network, their target is your information and their game is to hold it hostage. Effective backup technology means you have it. Depending on the sensitivity of that information, it is feasible to tell the bad guys to keep it and move on, and in the case that it is sensitive information that you need to get back, you will be able to restore your information and run your business while you negotiate with the bad guys. This problem, like the network security problem, has only increased in importance.


Too Much Paper

In recent history, there is a good chance that you had employees needing to access information from someplace other than the office. When paper files are the only option, this drastically limits access. The need for document management capabilities has increased and those that had invested before the pandemic reaped great rewards in productivity and access for remote employees. Like network security and data backup, the need for paper reduction and better access to information has just increased!


No IT Plan

When you get hit with the need to transition people out of the office with remote access and then back into the office and do so securely without interruption, your IT plan, or lack thereof, becomes VITAL. In addition, those that did have a plan had to pivot, which is challenging; pivoting without a plan is impossible. Again, this problem is magnified.


The Cloud Confusion

The value of the cloud has gone through the roof. In an environment where people need to function from anywhere, the cloud is KING! Those that made the transition to the cloud in 2019, whether that be IT systems or phone systems, had a distinct advantage when the world went to remote work. A true cloud-based system treats every user the same no matter where they are. All users of a cloud-based system are remote, even when they are in the office. In addition, cloud systems are always updated and generally secure. Not to say that cloud systems don’t get hacked, they do. Also worth noting, is that backing up your cloud system may well be your responsibility. Know the answer to this and don’t find it out the hard way!

The 5 most common IT problems your company faces really haven’t changed. They have just become bigger problems. You are a subject matter expert in your business, let us address these problems for you so you can focus on them!

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