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When is it time to replace your copiers?

A good copier can be the centerpiece of any bustling office— It’s the backbone of meetings and workshops, providing all-important printed handouts for colleagues, or the presentation to be shared with a client. Being so vital to the everyday routine of the workplace, it’s important to make sure that your copier is functioning properly at all times. It can be difficult to know when you should consider your current copier for a new model. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted a few of the telltale signs that your old copier might be past its prime.

Focus on Security

Copiers can be a huge security risk in an office. The information that they copy can include sensitive company information and important files, making them targets for hackers and a headache for your company. This is typically an issue only if your copier is an older model, as newer models tend to have a password protection system, encrypted hard drives, and the most up-to-date network protocols. These updated security features alone can be a major reason to update your photocopier in order to further secure your company. 

Finding Parts

While it’s possible to replace old parts on your beloved office copier even years after the model is discontinued, it’s a task that becomes harder and harder as time goes on. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only supply complete assemblies rather than individual components. Even if you do manage to find a replacement part for your copier, you can only replace a part so many times before it the assembly itself breaks or there is a more permanent failure. Replacement parts also add an additional cost to your copier, and at a given point it can become more economical to buy a new copier than to constantly repair parts on a failing machine. 

Count the Cost 

As a copier reaches its twilight years it may begin to produce at a lower rate while using more ink or toner. It’s worth assigning someone to calculate the cost of your toner or ink, then divide it by the total amount of output that is given out by the machine. This is a very easy way to check if your machine is in need of a replacement. 

Business Needs

Perhaps this seems obvious but some companies make the mistake of buying a new copy machine when they really don’t need one. How important is a color copier in your workplace? If you are constantly paying for full-color printouts at an office supply store, it may be time to invest in a color copier. Perhaps your malfunctioning copier makes tasks so difficult that it's affecting the productivity of your office. By assessing the needs of your office together with the state of your current copier, you will be able to determine if it is time to replace your copier.

New Features 

Newer copiers have a host of modern features that you may be missing out on if you are stuck with an older model. Newer copiers allow you to format and modify documents, have faster processing times, and innovative touch screen technology. Not only will you not find these features in older copiers, but they can also suffer basic incompatibility problems with modern operating systems or outdated print drivers. If you are interested in a more modern and time-efficient copier that integrates well with all of the technology in your office, it's time to browse for a new copier. 


Taking care of the planet for future generations and reshaping our business practices to be more sustainable is important in the business world today. A new copier can make your office more sustainable by creating less waste and consuming less power than an outdated copier that is likely much less efficient. By being kinder to the planet, you will also be kinder to your budget, since resources are wasted with an older copier. Saving money and saving the planet with green initiatives at the same time — sounds like a good enough reason to update your copier.

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