4 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder, This Summer

It's Friday afternoon. The heavy traffic is piling up, your anticipated weekend plans are calling and there are still 17 items on your to-do list.

The last thing you want to do is watch the clock at work slowly tick past 5 o'clock as you realize there's no way you'll be done when you planned and you've lost some of your summer time. But it doesn't have to be that way. This summer, make the most of your week by working smarter so you can close the laptop until Monday.

Instead of falling into line with many Americans who are becoming more stressed and working more hours, follow these 4 steps to work smarter, not harder this summer.
1. Front-load your week

Extra work? That's the last task you want to take on as you enter the office Monday morning. But it's going to be worth it come Friday. When you schedule important tasks or time-consuming projects for the beginning of the week, you'll be working smarter and have more time at the end of the week to wind down your schedule and be sure you're done in time.

It's also beneficial to have some open time at the end of the week in case something unexpected comes up. If you wind up with some extra time at the end of the week, you'll finally get that chance to organize that desk drawer that's keeping you from being efficient.

2. Make Time

"I didn't have time" isn't much of an excuse. You had the time all along, but at the end of the day, you probably just used it for something else. Prioritize your tasks and try making a list of everything you need to get done for the week. Divide up your tasks, work smarter and make time for those that are most important-even if they're the least desirable.

You should have a timeline or schedule for when you're going to accomplish things, but stay flexible when critical items come up. There's nothing worse than saying you'll do something but being unable to find time and leaving it undone while co-workers or management are waiting on you.

3. Take a shortcut

That notebook full of your to-do lists and meetings might be your lifeline, but don't forget about other options. Explore different options to stay organized. When it comes to your document management, make sure it's done the right way..

Beyond having a working schedule, managing your documents can be a daunting task, but it's easily solved. Take advantage of online resources to keep you organized and work smarter. Having everything in one place, where it belongs, will save you time as you'll spend less time wondering where you put the latest version of your project.

4. Be reactive

Remember that email you said you would send later? You had it in the back of your mind, but never acted. Now you're spending extra time waiting for a response. It's important to stay on task, but when you think of something else that needs to be done, at least make a note of it. It is worth briefly putting aside a big task to send a quick email if it'll end up saving you time in the end.

Stay organized and work smarter by keeping a running list of to-do items as soon as they enter your mind. You can always schedule time to complete them later, but simply remembering the task is the first step.
Coordinated Business Systems will help you work smarter, not harder, this summer. Our team can help you with document management through specialized solutions and the latest technology, and your business will save money in the process. Contact us today to discover our personalized solutions for your business.