3 Steps to Organize Your Desk and Keep it That Way

Sticky notes, coffee cups, important documents, to-do lists, snacks - your desk is cluttered with a wide variety of items. There are many reasons to keep your office space clean and organized. Whether you want to get organized to show professionalism, increase efficiency, stay focused or any other reasons, you'll be able to notice the benefits quickly.

Get and stay organized by following these three easy steps:

1. Get Started

First things first, you need go through your whole space and purge the things that aren't necessary. Start with your desktop and then work your way lower into drawers and maybe even under your desk. It's refreshing to get rid of items you don't need and it let's you take inventory of all your items remaining, so you know what categories you'll use to organize.

2. Get Organized

  • The best organizational motto to keep in mind is 'everything needs a home.' If you don't know where to put something long term, odds are it will end up laying around haphazardly in the middle of your desk. Make decisions about where things will go now, so you don't have to think about it later when you're in the middle of a work task.
  • Keep only frequently-used items within reach. Remember: if it's dusty, it doesn't need to be there. Keep the most used items such as your phone and maybe a space for your coffee cup on your dominant side to avoid having to reach across your desk.
  • Try the three zone method:

    • Computer Zone: If you're on your computer all day, keep your technology prominently in the middle of your desk. Be sure to clear your cords and keep them tucked away.
    • Work Zone: Keep a clear workspace on your dominant side for anytime you're not using your computer and need a space to write.
    • Incoming Zone: Have an area available to temporarily keep any incoming papers, so they won't distract you when you're busy working. Be sure to put it away by the end of the day.

3. Get Going

Put a plan in place to maintain your new organization. Make it a habit by doing a weekly clean up on the same day. You could start your Monday off fresh, prepare for the week ahead on Friday afternoon, or do a mid-week cleanup on Wednesday. If you feel like that's taking too much time, take one minute every day to put things in their place.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to organize your workspace. Keep in mind that it's important to do what works best for you. Everyone works differently and will benefit from different solutions. Try things out and tweak as you go until you find your perfect fit. If you realized you have too many papers laying around while cleaning your desk, eliminate your clutter with electronic document management. Coordinated Business Systems can help you stay organized and productive with managed print services, telephone solutions, and more. We'll work with you to develop a customized solution that's perfect for your business. Contact us today!