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You Implemented a Temperature Screening System, What's Next?

As the world continues to adapt to a new way of life, and rules and regulations for returning to work seem to change by the week, your business has likely thought of ways to keep your employees, visitors, and customers safe.

While there was a lot of talk about the legalities of temperature taking in offices, it has been deemed legal and temperature screening systems have become available in a wide array of options, sizes, and price points.

So your company purchased a temperature screening system, what’s next?

New Device Management

Like any piece of equipment or software, it’s important to determine who in your company is responsible for implementing processes and managing your new device. 

First, the team in charge needs to establish a set of rules and guidelines for configuring your new device(s). It’s important to think about:

  • What range of temperatures should be allowed in the building?
  • Is your new system used for just temperature scanning, or should it replace your keycards for employees?
  • If a guest comes to the building and scans their temperature, should the door unlock?
  • When a heightened temperature is screened, who should be notified and how?

With these questions in mind, the team in charge of your new AI-Temperature Screening System should develop a process for everyone walking in the door, what happens if someone’s temperature is too high, and communications to go out to your team letting them know about the new piece of equipment located in your office.

Beyond taking temperatures and unlocking the door, the AI-Temperature Screening System can also let everyone entering your building know if a mask is required or not, while also storing temperature data and photos for an allotted period of time. 

A simple reminder to all that masks are required (when applicable) will ease the stress of any of your staff having to remind guests that a mask is a necessity. It also prepares employees before coming in for the day.

Data Storage

By storing temperature data and photos, if someone is ill or you have to reach out to those that have entered your building, you have an accurate log book of who entered your building and when, so you can pass along any information regarding COVID to those that may have been affected.  

Although this may seem like a large task, Coordinated’s AI-Temperature Screening System is quite simple to start up and use. The best part, Coordinated cares about the health and safety of you, your business, and everyone entering your building and our dedicated staff will help you to implement the system correctly so it’s meeting all of your needs.


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