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Partner Profile: Kyocera

Providing the best solutions means partnering with the best companies.

Coordinated Business Systems provides top-notch total office services including document management and imaging technology. We'll guide you through implementation and maintenance to ensure your company is at its highest level of efficiency. But we owe much of our success and efficiency to our treasured partners. And when it comes to selecting advanced digital products and network printers, Kyocera ranks at the top.
When we partnered with Kyocera (formerly Mita) in 1983, we knew we had our customers' best interests in mind. Kyocera is a leading multinational company that offers a diverse array of products through its global operations. Specifically, its document solutions business segment allows us to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions.
Founded on excellence
In 1959, 28 determined colleagues established a small suburban workshop that would soon be transformed into a highly diversified global enterprise. Today, that outfit is called Kyocera. Its foundation was built upon strong management that was focused on gaining the trust of its employees.

Through the abandonment of selfish interest and a strong belief in each other, Kyocera's founders turned it into a success. What other companies thought was too ambitious, Kyocera achieved. Its motivation became the driving force behind its continuous growth. Today, Kyocera has received many accolades, including recognition from Thomson Reuters as one of the 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators.
How Kyocera helps
Kyocera's document solutions division offers multifunctional products and award-winning copiers. Whether you're looking for highly rated color or black and white printers, Kyocera has what you're looking for. The company also offers wide-format products at low operation costs. Your business' complicated document workflow can be transformed into a simple process, and Kyocera's superior image quality ensures every business product is up to snuff.

Not only are Kyocera's products reliable, they're of the highest quality and remain user-friendly. Kyocera is also the first document solutions company with sales data certified by a third party. Its products have received honors for their high performance, and its management is determined to stay ahead of technology on the bleeding edge.

Why We Partnered

Coordinated Business System's certification as a total document solutions provider means we completed all levels of a specific curriculum. Therefore, we can resolve any customer concern about a Kyocera product. But most importantly, we value Kyocera's approach in the dealer-customer relationship. Their exceptional mentality, work ethic, and eye for innovation extends to our relationship and has allowed Coordinated Business Systems to better serve our customers.

Learn more about Coordinated Business System's partners, and contact us today to discover how our services can help you better achieve your business goals. We are proud to partner with companies like Kyocera and grateful for the chance to boost your business.

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