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Is Your Copier You Just Purchased Really New?

I am sure you have is difficult to buy just about anything right now. The supply chain crisis has hit the imaging industry HARD! This has led to some dealers marketing used equipment. Unfortunately, it is not always being disclosed to the client.

Personally, in recent weeks I have run into several instances where perspective clients have bought “new” equipment only to discover that the equipment is only new to them. In these cases, the “new” equipment had more volume (printed pages) and a manufacture date prior to the equipment being removed. Otherwise, they bought older equipment with less life left than what they previously had. 

Most companies in our business are reputable and would not purposely mislead a client. However, that being said, it is in the best interest of anyone buying equipment today to be sure they are in fact purchasing new. 

Here are three ways to verify your equipment as new:

  1. Call it out. Just verify in writing, that the equipment is new and has never been owned and used by another company.

  2. Ask for a “BLI report." Buyers Laboratory (Keypoint Intelligence) is a company that tests and reports on copy machines. That report should include a release date and either list the equipment as “current” or provide a date that it was discontinued.

  3. Ask for a configuration page that includes the meter. This will tell you how many printed pages have been run through the device. Rarely will this be zero as the equipment is run during set-up to get things dialed in. Hundreds of pages, sometimes thousands. 

Sometimes, used equipment is justified to a client by the fact that it is covered under a service contract. If it doesn’t work, the dealer will fix it at no additional charge.

Below are some additional aspects to consider:

  1. Microsoft and Apple do not consider older equipment when they perform product updates.

  2. Security has been enhanced considerably in new equipment and your machines should be a part of your strategy. Read more here.  

  3. Software packages do not take older equipment into account when they perform various updates.

  4. Scanning has been enhanced in newer models.

  5. New models cost less to operate.

  6. At a certain point, manufacturers will stop making and distributing parts and the machine will not be repairable. 

In recent history, these machines have advanced a tremendous amount. It is very unlikely that you are just copying and printing. In 90% of cases, there is an integration of some kind in the background. All of these factors need to be taken into account when evaluating equipment. There is also a high probability that if you order new equipment today, there will be delays until available. The bottom line, it is worth the wait to get the technology that your business needs.

Just remember, if it seems to good to be true (too cheap, too fast...) it probably is. When placing an order, be sure to ask these additional questions to make sure everything meets your expectations. 

If you're interested in learning more, contact us today and a Coordinated representative will reach out to you!

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