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Innovation and Selling in a New World

Posted by Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales | Mar 27, 2020 10:50:47 AM

In the past week our lives have changed substantially. We have always sold by meeting with people face to face, identifying business issues, providing solutions and delivering hardware and software to solve those problems.

All of a sudden we can’t.

In the past two days we have implemented a process by which we can meet with our customer or prospect, identify a business issue, propose a solution and install that solution without ever entering a customer’s office. Necessity is the mother of invention.

We have done this by utilizing tools that we provide for our customers.

If you have any of the following needs we are here to help you:

If you have a technology need not on this list and don’t know where to turn, contact us and we will find you help.


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Topics: IT & Network Services Management

Written by Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales

Kirk has been in the Office Technology sector for 20 years working in the dealer world focused on supporting sales teams. Having worked for Manufacturers and dealers as well as his own entrepreneurial ventures, Kirk is dedicated to the development of people in the sales profession.

Outside of work Kirk has a wife and two children and enjoys being outside whether hunting or horseback riding.