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How secure is your Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

The topic of the day, week, month and year in the IT space is Cyber Security.  I have seen a huge concentration on this topic as we have conversations with customers and prospects alike.

Security you can trust

The most common question is “how secure is my network?” This should be a concern and you should have tangible answers that include information about you Firewall, Virus Protection, Malware Detection, end use training and threat detection.

Hackers have companies that look like tech companies. They have CEO’s, CFO’s and a team just like a legitimate enterprise.  They recruit employees and many of their employees think that they are in fact working for a legitimate company and have no idea that their activity is leading to data theft, ransomware etc. I read an article that referred to the “ethics” of the individual that stole your data; it was in the context of getting the keys to your data back once you pay the ransom.

These conversations are happening daily.  The question I don’t hear being asked is “how secure is my MSP?”  What is my MSP, the people that are securing my network, doing to secure MY information on their network?

MSP’s are a target. Why? Because of the value of the information that they possess; your information. If someone can infiltrate an MSP and grab all that juicy, valuable information, that is like a car thief stealing the key box from the valet stand! They're a kid in a candy store.

Securing everyone, all the time. 

As you are evaluating MSP’s it is vital that you ask about not only how they will secure you and your information, but how do they secure themselves as a breach at your MSP puts your business in jeopardy.

All MSP’s should have multiple levels of security including firewall, virtualization, virus and Malware Protection. All the things they are recommending to you.  Ask two additional questions of your provider or any provider you are considering.

  1. Do you employ live threat detection and if so what is it and how does it work?
  2. Do you have Cyber Insurance?

If these two items are in place your information and the stability of the MSP you are using or considering will be high.  I would go as far as to say that you should not even consider an MSP that does not have these two items in place.

Live threat detection means that human beings are monitoring the network 24 hours a day.  It is like having an armed security guard.  Bad guys usually go next door and rob the business that does not have an armed security guard.  I would not consider and MSP that does not have this in place, and we highly recommend this to our clients as well.  There are differences in services out there so do not just take a yes.  Ask a few questions, and feel free to reach out to me if you want some more information on what to ask.

Cyber Insurance will protect an organization in the vent of a breach.  The MSP that you are using or considering has tools running to keep you and your network up and running and secure.  MSP’s, at least the good ones, are in the business of up time; not fixing networks.  This insurance insures the ability to continue to do that in the event of an attack.

All MSP’s are not created equal.  Be careful when choosing this vital partner. 

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