The Golden Rules of Modern Networking

More likely than not, your business considers successful networking to be a priority. Maybe you're looking to find potential additions to your internal team. Maybe you'd like to position yourself as a thought leader by becoming more well known to others in your industry. Maybe you just want to make like-minded connections to better learn and grow in the fast-paced digital age.

Whatever your networking goals may be, there are a few golden rules to follow in order to make the most of age of digital and connect with the right people in the right way. Let us share them with you:

Know Your Networks

Social networking is the cornerstone of general networking these days. It's no secret that in order to best reach and connect with the people you're looking to meet; you have to know where their personal corner of the web is. Just because Facebook is the most widely used network worldwide at the moment doesn't mean that it's where your preferred contacts spend their time. Learn about popular social networks and learn about the people most likely to use them to best know how to spend your time making connections.

Choose your voice

Of all our tips, this one is the most flexible. What we mean when we say to find your voice is to never go out to network without a purpose. Don't post on social networks just to post. Don't send e-mails without any direction or goals behind them. Before you say a thing, put some time into deciding what you sound like and who you want to present yourself as on the web so that when you do make connections, it's a lot easier to know what to say.

Don't be afraid of industry events

While the fast-paced digital age of networking lends itself to a lot of conversations being held online, the real world still exists. Industry events still happen. Go to them! It might seem scary at first, but more likely than not most of the people there have the same goals as you. It's a great place to meet real people and make real connections that can translate into partnerships, hires, contacts, and more. Social networks are your best bet for discovering small, local gatherings but there are websites like 10Times that can help you find bigger conferences and events to get involved with. Plus, don't forget that networking can occur at any unexpected location, so don't hold back.

Do a little research

Familiarizing yourself with the companies, communities, and individuals that you're interested in becoming acquainted with can go a long way toward actually making that acquaintance. Keep a document or journal with your top influencers and site inspirations and make a point to check in with those listed each day. You'll find the best ways to connect to these interesting individuals by learning what they like to talk about the most.

Find genuine reasons to reach out

People can sense insincerity. Don't make the people and communities you're reaching out to feel like a checkmark on a list. Open yourself up to the connections and you'll find yourself receiving responses more often than note.

It's a lot of work to grow your business through proper networking and social techniques, but it's worth it in the long run. We can help give you more time to find the influencers you want to connect with by lessening the time you have to worry about business functions like managed print services, electronic document management, and so on. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build a customized solution for your business.