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Maximizing ROI: Managing Your Copier and Printer Fleet

Copiers and printers are and will continue to be essential tools for organizations of all sizes, but managing a fleet of these devices can be challenging. To maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your copier and printer fleet, it's crucial to implement effective management strategies. In this blog post, we'll discuss how proper management can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and get the most out of your copier and printer investments.

1. Conduct a Print Assessment: Start by conducting a thorough print assessment to understand your current printing environment. Identify the number and types of devices you have, as well as their usage patterns. This will help you identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

2. Implement Managed Print Services (MPS): Managed Print Services can help you optimize your printing environment, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. MPS providers like Coordinated Business Systems can assess your printing needs, streamline your fleet, and provide ongoing support and management.

3. Use Print Management Software: Investing in print management software is a smart decision that can change the way you manage your copier and printer fleet. By utilizing this software, you gain the ability to not only monitor and control your printing environment but also to track usage patterns, enforce print policies, and identify key opportunities for cost savings. 

4. Optimize Device Placement and Usage: Strategically place your copiers and printers in optimal locations to reduce downtime and boost productivity. Encourage your team to use equipment responsibly and implement printing best practices within your organization. 

5. Regular Maintenance and Upgrades: Ensure that your copiers and printers are regularly maintained and upgraded to optimize performance and longevity. This will help you avoid costly repairs and downtime, ensuring that your fleet operates smoothly.

Managing your copier and printer fleet effectively is essential for maximizing ROI and reducing costs. By conducting a print assessment, implementing managed print services, using print management software, optimizing device placement and usage, and regularly maintaining and upgrading your devices, you can achieve greater efficiency and cost savings. If you need assistance with managing your copier and printer fleet, contact us today.

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