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Coordinated Service Response Times in 2023

Equipment issues that cause delays in workflow and day-to-day operations are known all too well by every organization. When something goes down or isn't working right, the first question is typically, "How soon can we get this fixed?"

Sadly, there is no easy answer as all issues are different, but the approach to fixing these issues is quite simple. If you're doing it in-house, it's time to turn to the person responsible for diagnosing and fixing the issue which could be timely and costly.

Ideally, your organization has partnered with a company who not only gets you the right and best equipment to meet your needs, but also services that equipment quickly and efficiently. (That's where Coordinated comes in 😉).

Coordinated Service Stats

In 2023, Coordinated was able to retain 93% of our clients due to the major impact we have on servicing their equipment. 

  • 18.3% of emergency calls were responded to in less than one hour
  • 33.1% of emergency calls were responded to in less than 2 hours
    *This does not include remote calls

  • Average service call was completed in 54 minutes, meaning you're back up and running and we're out of your building quick
  • 26.7% of service calls were handled remotely, meaning we can diagnose and help you from anywhere

So, next time you're in the market for equipment and a provider, remember to look at their service options and how quickly they can get to you. 

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