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Top advantages of managed print services

Running a successful business means that you need to prioritize your daily tasks to be able to reach your goals. Take one thing off your plate and hand over your print services to an expert.

Even though world wide business practices are becoming more and more digital every second, there is still a place paper and ink. Copying and printing aren’t going away, so do you have a strategy to get it done quickly and effectively for your business?

What are managed print services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are services offered to assist businesses by identifying their printing goals and defining a strategy to help them achieve their goals. Managed print services are a necessity to grow your business because you'll spend less time on management and less money printing overall.

You might be thinking,"I'm a small business owner, I don't have the money to spend on managed print services. I'll just do it myself!"

This has the potential to hurt your business in the long run you’ll end up spending more money and time.

Managed Print Services Advantage #1: Save money

It might seem like a good idea in the short term to just keep your current printers, but when they break down, you’re left with a hefty bill to repair or replace them. And how about when you run out of toner right at the most inopportune moment and can't wait for it to go on sale?

With managed print services, you don't need to worry about these expenses. With a predictable monthly fee you'll get all of your bulky, outdated printers replaced with faster devices. Imagine having a multi-functional printer with all the necessary functions built in and having your managed print service maintain it so that you can get down to work.

Managed Print Services Advantage #2: Boost efficiency

What if you had to give away a dollar every time your printer had a paper jam, ran out of ink, or just wouldn’t print right? You'd be seeing red in no time. Many printers in businesses today are slow and prone to malfunction, which wastes your time and money. Managed print services won't just come in and give you a fancy new printer. They will analyze the exact needs of your departments to make sure your resources are being used wisely and everyone is being supplied with the printer that has the functions they need for scanning, copying, faxing, and, of course, printing.

Managed Print Services Advantage #3: Experts on your side

Another managed print services benefit is that you'll have the experts on speed dial. Your advisor will help you with any printing, scanning, copying, faxing or network connectivity issues. Plus, the help desk will assist you with updates of your software and supply you with the right amount of supplies you need.

Managed Print Services Advantage #4: Increase team productivity

Consider that next time you’re standing at the copier. With managed print services, you and your team will be able to cut this waiting time in half because your MPS experts will be monitoring your printing systems and making sure they are up to date before problems can arise. This means the responsibility of dealing with malfunctions, changing cartridges, and adding paper is taken off you, giving you more production time.

Managed Print Services Advantage #5: Green printing

Want to help save the planet? Working with a managed print service provider is a great place to start. You'd be amazed how much paper, toner, and electricity is wasted on outdated systems. You could be banking significant savings on your paper costs by switching to a high-performance duplex printer. When creating your custom service agreement for your managed print services, your provider will assess all of the ways you can minimize waste and reduce your footprint.

Managed Print Services Advantage #6: Safe and Secure

Chances are your current printer doesn't allow you to print from your smartphone, tablet, or straight from the cloud. With new printers, these features are basic standards that allow you to carry on with your business much faster. These new printing perks also need to be protected and secure just like your other IT systems. The benefit of managed print services is that they take care of any changes to firmware. Nowadays, with more threats out there and greater risks of data breaches, make sure you've got your back covered with managed print services.

How do you choose a service provider?

So, by now you know that managed print services are essential to your business, no matter the size or sector. The next step is to find a service provider that will help you with all of your printing needs. Get started with a print assessment by a Coordinated specialist today.

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