Color or black and white, laser printers provide cost-effective and high quality output for every office need.

But do you have the right laser printers in your office?

Are you paying for color when you don't need to? Do you waste time every week waiting for your documents to print? Is there a line at the printer?

Many offices buy a printer whenever they “think” they need one.

That leads to printers from multiple brands spread throughout an office. It can also lead to the "closet of wasted toner", as employees buy more toner than needed.

Not having a strategy for buying printers can lead to personal inkjet printers on employee's desks throughout the office – and operating those printers will cost you more money in the long run.

At Coordinated, we have a better idea. We talk to you about your actual printing needs, and then guide you to the right printer (or printers).

  • How many documents do you print each month?
  • Are there spikes (weekly or monthly) when you need to print a lot?
  • Do you need color?
  • Are you including networked printers in your security strategy? (You need to!)
  • What finishing options do you need?
  • Where will the printer sit in the office?

Secure Printing

Help me keep my copiers & printers secure. Start securing your copiers today.Hackers look for any point of entry into your network, including printers. We offer equipment that makes sure sensitive information stays secure:

  • Authentication to fit your needs – badge readers, PIN, or passwords
  • Hard disk kits with encryption and wiping
  • Port and connection filtering

We offer laser printers from Kyocera, Lexmark, and Sharp and have the right equipment to fit any need.

All of these manufacturers' printers are designed to be environmentally friendly – with different power saving modes and toner that requires less heat to fuse. 

Color Laser Printers

Brilliant color printing with a high degree of functionality. Create compelling, cost-effective output that brings professional results to life with color laser printers.




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Black & White Laser Printers

Crisp black and white prints with efficient performance that provide consistent quality while keeping costs down.




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