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Our Mission Is To Help St Cloud Businesses Succeed

Ever since Jim Oricchio founded Coordinated Business Systems out of his garage in 1983, we've had a mission: Put the customer first, always. For us, a St Cloud customer is a partner. All of our Copiers, Equipment Hardware, and other Services are designed to promote your growth and success.

From providing reliable office technology and copiers and printers, to maintaining that technology and facilitating effective information management, and even solving technological problems, Coordinated commits to making sure you have everything your St Cloud business needs to succeed. 


Handling the Details Of Your Copiers, Printers, and Office Technology in St Cloud

Whatever your business' expertise, chances are you make use of copiers and other office technology to do your jobs. The kind of office technology businesses in St Cloud use--printers, copiers, business phone systems, web security software, etc.--probably aren't your area of expertise. You don't have time to master the intricacies of understanding these systems and repairing them if they aren't working properly. Luckily, with Coordinated's help, you don't have to.

In addition to supplying you with the St Cloud copiers and printers, Coordinated's maintenance experts are always available to make sure the tech we supply is working the way it should be. From making repairs to troubleshooting copiers to repairing breaks, Coordinated makes sure the things you need are always working the way you need them to. We handle the little details of running an office, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.


What Customer First, Always Means to Us

At Coordinated, we pride ourselves and the quality of the copiers, printers, and office technology we provide and the reliability of our management and maintenance services. We take pride in our ability to deliver full-service office technology management to our clients in St Cloud. What we really believe sets us apart, however, is our customer service.

When you work with Coordinated, we don't treat you like a faceless client, the way a larger company might. Instead, we get to know you: Your goals, your plans for achieving them, the problems you're facing that get in the way of those goals, and how we can help you overcome those problems. Once we know you, we prepare a service plan for your copiers and printers that is tailored to how you want us to help you and how we feel we can best make that happen. Coordinated is different because Coordinated listens to you.

Putting the Customer First, Always means committing to helping you succeed however we can. It means being transparent, responsive, and always ready to help. It means fostering a relationship based on communication and partnership. Each and every one of the copiers, laser printers, document management and IT managed services we can provide for your company are built with these aspirations in mind.

Our Waite Park office is ready to provide our attentive and effective services to our neighborhood businesses, as well as the businesses of St Cloud, New Brighton, St. Anthony, and beyond. Contact us today to get started! We're excited to see you succeed.




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