We Handle The Details

Coordinated Business Systems is a full-service office technology supply and management service located right here in Rochester. What is a full-service office technology supply and management company? Basically, it means we handle the details of running an office, so you can focus on doing your job.

As a supplier, we provide our clients with high-quality, ready-to-use copiers and office technology that is essential to basic operations like printers, copiers, and communication. As a management service, we make sure your technology stays ready-to-use. Our expert technicians manage, maintain, restock, repair, and update all systems we provide.


We Help You Do Your Job

It might not be your job to know how to fix broken printers and copiers or why your website won't load, but you need those things to do your job. Instead of spending valuable time looking for a solution yourself, partner with us and we'll take care of it. We are available to outsource your IT, print services, electronic document organization, and business phone systems. It's our job to understand these things and make sure they're working for you.

We coordinate with you to make sure your phones are working, your web presence is secure, and your employees always have the supplies they need. Our job is to make sure you don't have to spend your valuable time putting out fires or making sure everything is working right. When you partner with Coordinated, you can spend more time growing your business.


We Put You, The Customer, First -  Always

We've explained what a full-service office technology supply and management company is. Now, here's why Coordinated is the right one for you. For over 30 years, our motto has been "Customer First: Always." We believe that providing good service doesn't only mean having the best technology or the most experienced experts; it also means being there for our clients.

When you work with Coordinated, we get to know your business. We listen to you: what you need, what you want, what your goals are, and where you see us fitting into them. We take this time because once we know you, we can provide service that's designed to help you achieve your goals.

We've remained an independent company specifically to prevent our workload from interfering with our connection to our clients. Our customer service and personalized coordination with your company is the foundation of our service, and we won't let anything compromise it. That's why when you choose Coordinated, you don't just get copiers, office supplies and technology management. You get a business partner that's dedicated to ensuring you get everything you need to succeed. A partner who puts you first, always.

Whatever kind of office technology assistance you need, Coordinated is the service for Rochester businesses. Feel free to ask us questions and learn a bit more about the services we offer and why Coordinated is the right choice for you. When you've made up your mind, contact us! We're excited to help you succeed.




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