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Kyocera Video Resources: Toner Replacement Demos, Copier Demos, and More

These videos will show you how to use various functions on your Kyocera copiers. 

Forgot how to do something? From the basics of copying and scanning to bates stamping, get the most out of your ECOSYS and TASKalfa equipment with these short videos.

Watch: Kyocera Video Resources

WhitePaper: Should SMBs Outsource Information Technology?

Business owners who outsource IT support generally enjoy stable systems, lower maintenance costs, more uptime, and less worry.

Running a small business is hard.

How do you close the gap between IT needs and what those needs cost?

Outsourcing. It's called Managed IT services.

Read this short whitepaper today to discover how outsourcing will help your business – and cost less than you think.

Download: Explore The Advantages of Outsourced IT

eBook: Manufacturing A Better Process with Document Management

3D_Mfg_eBook-9.pngDocument management equals CONTROL over documents, reduced COSTS, simplied COMPLIANCE, and easy COLLABORATION on the documents manufacturers rely on to run their businesses, such as:

  • Digitize human resources documents
  • Streamline accounts payable processes and take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Improved safety by centralized management of standard operating procedures and other safety-related materials

You don't have to rely on paper documents to run your business. There's a better way. Read our free eBook.

Download: Manufacturing A Better Process with Document Management

Video Demo: Using Document Management to Make Your Auditor Happy

Make Your Auditor Happy with Square9.pngEveryone talks about the benefits of document management, but sometimes it's hard to imagine what those benefits look like in action.

In this short video, you'll see how simple and easy it is to use Smart Search to find and share documents.

In this example, we'll show you how to find and retrieve documents for an auditor – something every manufacturer has to do.

Instead of shuffling papers together – going from desk to desk and filing cabinet to filing cabinet – this video shows you how quick and easy it is to find the documents the auditor wants, retrieve them, and then share them with the auditor. Purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices are easily found in seconds.

Watch: Using Document Management to Make Your Auditor Happy

Video Demo: Automating Accounts Payable with Document Management

Automating Accounts Payable with Square9.pngAccounts payable is low-hanging automation fruit. Manufacturing companies must match invoices for materials, payments, and align materials costs against multiple cost centers. And being stuck shuffling paper can even keep you from taking advantage of early payment discounts.

There's an easier way to manage your accounts payable process.

Watch: Automating Accounts Payable with Document Management