Grow With Us

Coordinated was created right here in the midwest from our founder's garage in 1983. Since then, we've expanded to provide our unique combination of big business technology choices and small business attention to detail throughout our home state of Minnesota.

We're proud to introduce our first out-of-state branch in Hudson, Wisconsin. We're excited to help the local businesses of Hudson and the surrounding Hudson are a become even more successful. We've been growing, and we want to share that growth with you. Let's work together and get even better!


Preparing You For Success

How does Coordinated help you grow? By providing you with all the technology, copiers, supplies, and services you need to do it. Whether you need an office suite of top-quality laser printersfrom the best manufacturers in the business, or you need to outsource your IT or document management, Coordinated is here for you.

Our experts source, supply, install, maintain, repair, and replace copiers and office technology. We set up your company's integrated business phone systems, ensuring it's ready for every employee to use. Our technical experts manage your IT for you, making sure your web presence is secure and your site and internet is working the way it should be.

We call ourselves a "full-service technology supply company," and when we say "full-service," we mean it. If you have any problems, breakdowns, or concerns, your partners at Coordinated are only a phone call away, and our experts are more than qualified to get you want you need and fast!


The Service That's Right For You

If one thing sets Coordinated apart from other full-service technology supply companies (besides our "customer first, always" approach to business, of course), it would be how we get to know our clients. Coordinated has all the options, experience, and skill of a giant corporate office supply company, but we don't come with the detachment or the price tag.

Instead, when you use Coordinated services, we treat you like a partner. After all, if you're successful, we're successful. We figure out what your needs are based on your immediate problems, the problems you foresee in the future, and your goals. Then, we work together with you to create a service and maintenance schedule that works for you. No two clients are the same, so why should the way we service them be?


Customer First, Always.

All this is to say, when it comes to customer service, expert knowledge, and quality products, Coordinated Business Solutions is Hudson's first choice. Learn more or get in touch today, and we'll get started setting up for success right away. We're looking forward to working with you!




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