Coordinated Business Systems "Workplace Culture" is built on a defining principle, "Take Care and Be Fair." It is the "hidden secret' behind our unique "Customers First. Always." environment.

Our team members expect good things from their leaders and peers. They are confident they will be heard when they have something to say and they expect that with hard work, they will make a meaningful difference.

Coordinated's "Workplace Culture" is one where:

  • We embrace change
  • Everyone is always treated with dignity and respect
  • Each team member's job matters and makes a difference
  • Team members are passionate about what they do, think outside-the-box, push their boundaries and are at ease being beyond  their comfort zone
  • There are strong leaders that are amazing mentors who empower the team to communicate openly and make decisions
  • Our purpose is bigger than "just making a profit", it is making a positive difference in the work environment and our community
  • The guiding philosophy is "Customers First. Always."