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“What I appreciate about working with Coordinated Business Systems is their proactive customer service. They regularly reach out to keep up with our evolving business circumstances in order to provide new solutions. Coordinated’s day-to-day ‘Customers First Always’ attitude ensures we save money and operate efficiently.”

– Mikalyn Kieffer, Office Manager

Roeder Smith Jadin Case Study


Roeder Smith Jadin, is a vibrant boutique law firm focused on protecting the rights of property owners, policyholders and the injured. As a result of rapid growth, color print output had significantly increased. Consequently, there was a need to meaningfully reduce the overall cost-per-print expense and improve document imaging technology performance.


As a result of Coordinated’s regular account review strategy it was discerned that while the number color prints had increased, these prints were not full color documents. In reality the documents only had modest amounts of color coverage, which meant there was a need for what is commonly known as “business color” or “day-to-day color” capability. The solution was to upgrade to the Kyocera 3-Tier system, which categorizes the amount of color coverage into 3 tiers. Each tier is priced according to the saturation of color coverage on the print. Since most of the printed documents had only minor color coverage they were priced in the lowest tier resulting in a 40% cost savings. An additional benefit was the new Kyocera technology provided state-of-the-art features that helped to improve office efficiency and operating performance.


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