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Burnsville's solution to any and all office technology supply and management problems is right in your backyard. Coordinated Business Systems is a full-service office technology company, and our Corporate headquarters is located right here in Burnsville, MN. We not only supply our customers with high-quality, essential office supplies like printers, copiers, and integrated business phone systems, we also manage, maintain, restock and repair these systems and more.

That means when a Burnsville business partners with us, they don't only get the highest-quality office technology available, they also get the support of experts who will make sure it's always operating at 100%. Whenever you have a question or a problem, we're only a phone call away.


Focus On What You Do Best

One of the disadvantages of our reliance on copiers and other office technology in the workplace is that, no matter what you do, you need to also have a great deal of knowledge on how to maintain and operate increasingly complicated hardware and software. This can be a problem, because obviously not everyone is an expert when it comes to this stuff. You're busy enough running your business; you don't have time to learn how to optimize a website or make sure your data is secure.

Luckily, with Coordinated Business Systems, you don't have to. We're available for full-service outsourced IT solutions, managed print services, electronic document management, and the management and optimization of internal and external communication. We handle all aspects of technological maintenance and improvement, so you can focus and what you're actually interested in doing.


Putting The Customer First, Always.

Since Coordinated was founded over 30 years ago, our motto has been "Customer First: Always." We're never going to be the biggest technology company -- in fact, we've elected to remain independent--but we believe we can be the one that takes care of you the best. Our company's relatively small size means we can provide personalized, attentive service to each of our clients.

We get to know your company: your needs, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and how we can help. We listen to what you want from us and make sure we're providing it to the best of our ability. Coordinated isn't just a supplier; we're your business partners, and we want to help you excel. We believe we can do that by providing the best customer service, the highest-quality office copiers and supplies, and the most knowledgeable technology experts in the industry.

Whether you're just setting up your business or you're looking for a painless solution to a specific technology problem, Coordinated is Burnsvilles' absolute best choice. Don't rely on some office supply company that thinks of you as just another customer; go with the service that's going to look out for you. Coordinated is close, we're good, and we're happy to help. Learn more about the services we offer or contact us today.




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