VoIP: The Future of Business Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems' limitations are quickly being realized.

Making a phone call is no longer a stationary task, thanks to mobile phones and VoIP technology.

VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol - which refers to making a voice call over the Internet, as opposed to over a phone line. When you make a call using VoIP, your voice is converted to a digital signal and sent over the Internet.

Implementing the system is simple. You can check your voicemail from anywhere with an Internet connection, record calls and streamline communication. Stay integrated. Stay on the cutting edge of connectivity. Whether you're a large or small business, check out four benefits of using a VoIP system.
Lower costs
Once a VoIP system is installed, usage is typically cheaper than a traditional phone system. Some systems are virtually free, but others may have upfront costs and monthly fees. Long distance and international calls are also available at a relatively lower cost.
Do your research to discover the best system for your business, but in the end, you'll likely be saving money.
Easy setup
If you already have a standard phone, you'll just need an adapter to utilize VoIP. It's also possible to make calls from your computer using a microphone and additional software. There are typically fewer cables and wires to work with, so you can free up valuable space around your office. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with VoIP; being technology savvy isn't a prerequisite!
Better features
Making calls over the Internet doesn't mean you'll be without professionalism. Some companies offer features such as professional greetings, call recording and music while holding. Basically, you don't need to be a technology expert to utilize VoIP. It's relatively simple to use, and you can also easily alter the system and manage users based on your business needs.
Work wherever
With VoIP, you can take your work wherever you go - as long as you have Internet access. Calls are sent over the Internet, which means you can take your adapter anywhere and make a call. Increased mobility of VoIP allows telecommuters and branch offices to be easily integrated into the system.

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