Partner Profile: Square 9

When it comes to Document Management Software solutions, Square 9 Softworks is king. Square 9 is the developer of highly intuitive, award winning solutions that make automating any paper intensive process a breeze.

Coordinated Business Systems is passionate about Electronic Document Management, which is why we partnered with this innovative company. Partnering with Square 9 allows us to specifically customize a solution that fits your business' needs.

Experienced Beginnings

Square 9 started as a division of InfiNet Business Systems in 2001. After experiencing tremendous growth from the SmartSearch product line, Square 9 was separately incorporated in 2006. Since then, the company has continued to grow and diversify its product line and solutions to provide companies with expanded capabilities in Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Total Solutions

Square 9 is a mover and a shaker-constantly updating and improving existing products and services, while adding new options to their portfolio to deliver the best results for your business. Their product offering ranges from document management to web forms. In the digital environment of today, it's important to stay up to date on digital platforms in order for your company to be successful. Help your employees feel empowered and be efficient with Square 9 solutions.

If you're ready to use cutting-edge technologies that drive efficiency and productivity across all business applications, it's time to get on board with Square 9. Contact Coordinated Business Systems today to find out how we can transform your company workflow with custom solutions. Square 9 is just one of many groundbreaking companies we're proud to have as partners.