Partner Profile: Microsoft

At Microsoft, it's all about empowering individuals to achieve more.

Once a little-known company that offered a single product in 1975, Microsoft has grown to be a worldwide leader in software services, devices and solutions. The technology company strives to reinvent processes and productivity in business through its dedication to customers as one of the largest computer science research organizations in the world.

Coordinated Business Systems believes in helping its customers through partnering with respectable, ambitious companies. Here's why we partnered with Microsoft:

Putting People First

With over 90,000 employees in 190 countries, Microsoft places a strong emphasis on the well-being its employees and partners, while improving the lives of citizens around the world. Microsoft values its culture of accountability and connects with customers through all levels - from research to internal and external programs.

Feedback is important, too. With such a close association with customers, Microsoft uses feedback to help with bug fixes, and even uses it to influence new features for future product releases. As the company closely aligns its culture of innovation with customer needs, it will continue to be at the forefront of enhancing the customer and partner experience.

Improving the World

Microsoft's interests in improving lives span far beyond its customers and partners. With a mission to serve the needs of communities around the world, the company is undertaking the task of fulfilling responsibilities to the public and breaking down barriers.

From its inception as a little known company in 1975 to its reputation as a respected, large organization, Microsoft knows its responsibility is also growing. As the company strives to solve challenges in society at local and global levels, it believes in creating a better future for younger generations and contributing to healthier communities.

Coordinated Business Systems is proud to partner with Microsoft to aid its customers in improving efficiency and business processes. From managed print services to printer and copier solutions to electronic document management, Coordinated Business Systems will help you find the best solution for your company. Contact us today to learn more about our partners and services we offer.