How to Run a Green Business: Tips and tricks

Green is more than just a color, it's a way of life. We can do our best in our day to day lives to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling, reusing, and staying aware of the environment around us. How do we extend that same consideration to the businesses we own and work for, though? Here are a few tips and tricks that can help your business go green, easing your conscience and giving the environment a much needed break.

Digital document management.

Paper makes up more than one third of a typical business' waste. That's a whole lot of copy documents that could have been worked on using a quality document management system instead of being printed off, scribbled on, and printed off again and again during a few rounds of edits. The right document management system can be the answer to help you turn the tide from paper-full to paper-less. The overwhelming ecological benefit is a great motivator to look into one of these solutions, but they're also great for most business' organizational needs as well.

Recycle your printer cartridges.

While we recommend going for the less is more approach to paper use in your office, we know it's nearly impossible to go completely paper-free. Contracts need to be printed and signed, or presentations for tactile clients pulled together. Sometimes you just need to print something. That's okay! There are ways to make even your printer use more ecologically friendly. There are plenty of toner and printer cartridge recycling programs out there that can provide a free way to dispose of empty cartridges. This allows your business to say that they're actively working to keeping your waste out of landfills in an effort to help the environment. 

Avoid waste-heavy coffee machines.

We've been to plenty of offices with a shiny new single-serving coffee machine sitting on the kitchen counter, buzzing as it creates another cup of caffeine for a busy worker. The convenience of single-serve coffee machines is appealing, sure, but with each cup leading to a plastic container that's going to end up in a landfill somewhere, is it worth it? Many recycling facilities face problems with the small cups falling through the cracks even when people make the effort to separate them into proper pieces for recycling. We recommend going for the more environmentally friendly process of using a big ol' drip coffee maker. Plus, it's friendlier to your pocketbook as well.

Give employee incentives.

Another smart way to help lessen your company's ecological footprint is by incentivizing your employees to adopt an eco-friendlier mindset as well. Promoting green practices like cycling to work or utilizing reusable lunch containers is a good first step, but you can go further by adopting technology recycling practices. When their electronic equipment meets the end of its life cycle, offer rewards like coffee gift cards or similar treats to employees that bring them in to be donated to one of the many charities out there that use e-waste in a variety of helpful ways.

If these practices are important to you, we commend you! If going green is a priority at your business, it's likely also a priority to work with similarly minded companies for many of your organization's needs. Contact Coordinated Business Systems today to talk about how we can help you go green company-wide.