Effects of Abandoning Face-to-Face Communication

Working remotely can add complications where you don't expect them.

When you're attempting to communicate a piece of information electronically, the two-hour process through 20 emails could have instead been completed in a one-minute phone call - or by simply walking a few yards to your co-worker's office.

It's all about efficiency, right?

Taking advantage of technology in an ever-changing world in order to quickly communicate socially or professionally has changed business. Many find it normal to have relationships that exist solely through emails and phone calls. Yes, it's resourceful, but is it worthwhile to abandon face-to-face interactions? Check out what abandoning face-to-face interactions can do to your relationships.
1. Create misunderstandings
An email is a great way to make yourself seem more worked up about something than you actually are, or distance yourself from a question to make it seem like you couldn't care less. In the workplace or in your own home, it's far better to interact face-to-face as opposed to communication through mediums of technology.

Sure, technology is a useful tool when you're in need of an answer to a quick question or you're working with a colleague in a different time zone. But when you need to have a lengthy conversation or there's the slightest chance of misinterpretation, at least pick up the phone, or plan a face-to-face meeting, to save you from any misunderstandings.
2. Dehumanize relationships 
You probably know whom you're talking to as you communicate in a digital world, but do you see the way their face lights up when you say something inspiring? Do you see that confused look on their face? You don't see any of this. Without those subtle clues of interpretation, it's difficult to know if your message fully resonated with the receiver.

Suddenly, it's easy to say something you'd never say in person - good or bad - to a coworker. We are humans, and we crave interaction. While technology makes it convenient to send and receive messages, it also eliminates a critical part of emotional involvement. Staying connected is an important part of both your personal life and your business life
3. Divide teams
When you're already to the point at which you have to email or call in order to have a conversation, the separation between a coworker or client may be extremely evident. For leaders, it's easy to type out a motivational email or send a motivational agenda, but if you're not following through and your actions become inconsistent with your words, it's going to damage your leadership credibility.

For team members, the ability to work together and function as one comes from human interactions and strong relationships. Opportunities to build cohesiveness are much greater when interacting face-to-face.
4. Drive away attention
As you're typing an email to your boss, you might also be on the phone or instant messaging. While you're saving time by multitasking, you're not devoting your full attention to the task at hand. Be with the people you're with. They'll value your full attention, and you'll be better equipped to handle the conversation.

As humans interact with others, they unconsciously attempt to build models of others' minds. This strengthens emotional connection and demands more attention than interacting through a computer. When you're in front of a computer or typing an email, you can't be as emotionally involved or as successful at reading others' feelings. Yes, you're using less energy, but face-to-face interaction means you're more synchronized and better able to understand each other clearly and effectively with full attention.

Interacting face-to-face is the key to a successful, meaningful relationship. Though technology can be beneficial in reaching those you're unable to see as often as you'd like, it doesn't replace an in-person meeting. At Coordinated Business Systems, we believe in powerful interactions and know the value in partnerships and communication no matter the medium. If communication via technology must happen, trust it the world's best technology and services. Whether you're looking for telephone solutions or network services, give us a call and our professionals will find the best solutions for your needs.