Why Your Company Needs a Test Server
Safeguard Your Data

As our knowledge, information, and jobs become increasingly dependent on the Internet, it has become more and more important to protect your data. If your server crashed today, would your business survive? Rather than wait for a disaster, invest in "server insurance" in the form of a test server. With every online piece of your business duplicated, your website, data, and software can be safeguarded against both malware and mistakes.

A test server is a virtual sandbox for you to experiment with and view changes, widgets, upgrades, or other operations that you may be considering rolling out to your live server. However, in the event that something goes wrong, your live server is not at risk.

Many companies have experienced a server crash-and none of them have enjoyed it. Having a test server gives your company the ability to comfortably and confidently upgrade your operating systems without worrying about lost sales and visitors to do website downtime.

In the case of an unexpected emergency, a test server can help your business look professional and experienced by preserving all data on a live test server site that is accessible remotely. Your customers can rest assured that their information is secure.

If you have questions, or you're considering installing a test server, please contact Coordinated Business Systems for more information on protecting your data.

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