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As our daily communication tools become more streamlined and tend toward a certain user experience, it makes sense that Unified Communications (UC) is seen as the next big thing for business. Currently, there are more forms of communication than ever before-this is where Unified Communications steps in. With new innovations constantly changing the way business is done, UC simplifies the manner in which we communicate in our digitally connected world. UC works to integrate the plethora of communication forms in order to help companies communicate more efficiently and effectively.
What Is Unified Communications?
UC is a single communications solution that allows users to communicate in various forms, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, across multiple devices. UC itself is not a single product; rather, it is a compilation of a variety of products that work together to provide a consistent user interface and experience across devices. In layman's terms, Unified Communications combines data and telephony in the same network, thus simplifying the difficulty of managing two different networks. As UC gains traction in the workplace, the benefits of utilizing UC are becoming more apparent in organizations both large and small.

Top 5 Benefits of Unified Communications
#1 Connect & Collaborate
Unified Communications allows employees and customers alike to connect with one another, whether in the office or halfway across the world, by facilitating meetings on a consistent platform. But it doesn't stop there. UC also allows users to go a step further and collaborate in real-time, which has proven to increase creativity and productivity.
#2 Information Sharing
UC simplifies workflow by sharing information with fewer steps, less time, and less confusion. Users can now send documents and relay information to whomever they wish. This results in questions answered faster, reduced confusion, and increased productivity.
#3 Mobility
Employees, customers, and users alike can access the network from anywhere in the world, at any time. Whether on a business trip or on vacation, users can be productive while away from the office and not miss a beat.
#4 Process Integration
Additionally, UC allows users to access messages from any device, in any form. The efficiency created improves productivity and workplace communication. The ability to streamline processes is critical in this day and age as demand for output is rising and budgets are falling.
#5 Cheaper & Simplified Billing
Because it is based in the cloud, UC typically offers cheaper calls than traditional phone services. Because UC is a single solution, it offers the ability to combine these services through a single vendor. If these services are sourced through a single vendor, the billing process is predictable and typically reduces system administration costs.

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