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Automating Accounts Payable

This short video shows you how much time you can save automating AP documents.

Accounts payable is low-hanging automation fruit. Manufacturing companies must match invoices for materials, payments, and align materials costs against multiple cost centers. And being stuck shuffling paper can even keep you from taking advantage of early payment discounts.

There's an easier way to manage your accounts payable process. Coordinated's Jeff Osgar will show you through how automation works – from importing an invoice to approval to matching an invoice with a purchase order.

  • Quickly index invoices and other AP documents by pointing and clicking – no more typos.
  • A drop down menu allows you decide what cost center to align invoices and documents with.
  • Take line items from a single invoice and a code them to the correct department to directly input data into accounts payable software – no re-keying data or dual entry. 

You could continue your paper chase to match documents, track approvals, and align costs with the right cost center.

Or you could automate accounts payable.

Watch the video to see how it works.

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