Coordinated Business Systems

SMBs Should Outsource IT

This short whitepaper explains why.

Business owners who outsource IT support generally enjoy stable systems, lower maintenance costs, more uptime, and less worry.

Running a small business is hard.

Running a small business without effective and affordable information technology is impossible.

SMBs face the same security challenges, business process needs, and reliance on information as the Fortune 500.

Larger companies can afford the mix of IT expertise to keep networks secure, apply patches, plan for the future, execute a data backup plan, and the 1,001 other tasks IT professionals do.

SMBs can – maybe – afford one or two FTEs to handle IT (who get sick, go on vacation, and might not have all of the skills your business needs).

How do you close the gap between IT needs and what those needs cost?

Outsourcing. It's called Managed IT services.

Read this short whitepaper today to discover how outsourcing will help your business – and cost less than you think.

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