4 Storage Solutions for the Workplace

As personal office spaces shrink and common collaboration areas grow within offices, it's vital to keep organized and have efficient storage in the workplace.
It's important to organize your desk, but that's difficult to do if you don't have good storage options available. Here are 4 creative ways to have smart storage solutions in your workplace:

Ditch the Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets take up valuable space and promote printing habits that are not eco-friendly. Get rid of large, space-consuming filing cabinets and instead opt for Electronic Document Management. There are many benefits to electronic document management such as increased productivity, saved money, and better space management. Not only will it free up real estate within your office, it will save you time searching for documents by being able to do a quick search on your computer.

Use Drawer Organizers

You use a drawer organizer to keep your silverware in line in your kitchen, so why don't you follow that practice at work? There are a wide variety of drawer organizers available to fit any size desk and organize your office supplies. Don't let your pens keep rolling around in your desk drawer and mixing with your staples and scissors-give everything a home and you'll be more likely to keep everything where it belongs.

Maximize Corner Space

Don't let the corner or other random dead space go to waste. Find corner storage units or small containers to fit into unused nooks and crannies. Plants are great to fill space and will bring some fresh life to your office. Plus, plants have been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence, provide cleaner air to breathe, and a variety of other benefits.

Utilize the Wall

Don't forget to use the wall as additional storage space. The wall is a great place to hang flat things such as calendars or important reminders, but can also be utilized for storage. Floating shelves are a chic way to provide more storage space. Peg boards can be installed and used to hang various sized units such as cups for pens.

Be conscious of unused spaces, unorganized spaces, and missed opportunities such as electronic document management, when it comes to finding storage solutions in your office. Coordinated Business Systems is ready to help you create a customized business solution for your document management needs, as well as network services, telephone solutions, and managed print services. Contact us today to learn more and get started.