Open House Recap Part 2: Advertising and Technology
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Wednesday, June 17th 2015[/caption]

At our recent Open House & Free Learning Seminars Event, Wes Phillips (CEO and Agency Principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising) spoke about the impact of technology on traditional advertising. More importantly, he helped us understand how the industry as a whole is evolving to stay competitive among the increasing number of channels available today. Here is a recap of what he has to say:

What is your title and what does your job consist of?
My title is CEO.  My job is to help our clients create effective communication strategies that support a company's business objectives; increase sales and market share, and generate marketplace leadership
Tell us a little about your company.
Our advertising agency partners with aggressive small to medium size businesses throughout the country to become marketplace brand leaders. We assist them by providing result oriented, creatively focused advertising strategies. We are adept with using online/digital tactics as well as a traditional media tactics.
Why is Advertising so important in today's technology driven world?
Advertising is important for technology companies because despite the cutting edge services and technology offered, the marketplace still needs to be informed and motivated to take action that will result in sales, be competitive and grow market share.
How can Advertising impact a company's overall marketing strategy?
Advertising impacts an overall marketing strategy by motivating prospective customers to take action.  Advertising is an ongoing communication stream that leverages the other components of marketing (including sales marketing), so that prospects make the desired action and sales occur at an ever-increasing rate.
What does it take for companies to stay competitive in the current Advertising landscape?
To stay competitive it is necessary to be consistent with the advertising strategy. It is an ongoing investment that will pay dividends with increased profits AND brand value.
What advice do you have for small business owners looking to dive into Advertising?
Advertising should be viewed as an investment, not only as an expense.  Develop a clear strategy, determine a reasonable budget, work with proven resources and implement on a consistent basis.
What do you hope businesses can take away from your learning session?
That social media is an equally effective marketing tool that is not complicated to implement.  It just takes a little understanding and a consistent effort.


At Coordinated, we strive to help businesses of all sizes stay up to date with the latest technology. We strongly believe that businesses helping businesses is a way that we all win. That's why we host our annual Open House with free learning seminars. Stay tuned for the third and final installment in the 3 Part Series recap with Jeff Pankoff, Owner/President of Sandler Training.