Office Trends You'll See in the Workplace in 2016

The ever-changing workplace has witnessed significant changes in the past decade, and 2016 could bring even more transformations. Here are a few office trends you might see overtaking your work space in the near future:

1. More collaborative spaces

Instead of run-of-the-mill cubicles and large desks, many companies are adopting new forms of collaborative spaces that foster a sense of community. Large, long desks are taking over office spaces in order to accommodate multiple coworkers, while lounge areas are being created in order to promote collaborative workspaces and accommodate informal meetings.

Although companies are making the most of office spaces to connect coworkers, some aren't so keen on the idea of working so closely with others. Some employees are finding more open office spaces distracting and disruptive to their otherwise focused mindset and sense of privacy.

2. The rise of telecommuting

Your office space could soon be transformed into a cozy chair by the fireplace or a desk in the corner of your bedroom. Telecommuting is on the rise - expecting to comprise 43% of the workforce by 2016 - and employers are finding that allowing employees to work from home can be beneficial as it eases the strain of the morning commute and saves the company operational costs. Workers are demanding more flexibility, and telecommuting seems to be the first step in reacting to their desires.

3. Less personal space

Thanks to the rise of collaborative spaces, your personal space could take a cut, as companies are looking to trim costs by downsizing personal desks. Nearly 60 percent of employees don't even use their assigned spaces, and those numbers could rise even more as the year begins. Get ready to overhear conversations as your coworker schedules upcoming appointments and discusses upcoming holiday plans with the in-laws - personal space at work is continuing to shrink.

4. Younger faces in the office

You may be welcoming some new faces in the office. As more and more millennials join the workforce, they're becoming the highest percentage of workers when compared to Generation X and baby boomers. This new addition to the workforce is the future of your company.

5. More attachment to technology

Think of how attached to technology you already are. Now, prepare to expand your usage. As phone calls and emails continue to replace physical human interaction and companies take advantage of the latest technologies, employees will be more connected to their work life than ever. This could disrupt the balance of your work and personal lives, especially since certain devices, like wearable technology, are predicted to spike in popularity. Advanced equipment does provide benefits and rewards, but it's up to employees and companies to decide how much is too much, too fast.

Changes in the workspace can mean changes in the ways your business functions. When it comes to electronic document management and managed print services, Coordinated Business Systems can help. Our team will work with your company to discover a solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today to enhance your workplace and embrace new office trends.