6 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Make Your Business Thank You Notes More Memorable

Just saying "thank you" is the bare bones required when it comes to a proper business thank you note. We've already told you when to send them, and who to 
send them to, but what about how to make them memorable? How do you stand out and make sure that your notes are truly touching the people they're being sent to? Here are a few tips:

Add a little something to remember you by.

It doesn't take big dollar signs to give a gift that shows thankfulness, is amusing, and ties back to your company. Something like custom temporary tattoos or clever stickers that come with a traditional thank you note can add the right amount of something special to your sentiment.

Give it some artistic flair.

Instead of just sending a plain thank you card, take some time to add personality to your note. Try some calligraphy or a silly little doodle that will make the receiver of your thanks go, "Aw, dang, that's cool." Being thankful is great, being thankful and memorable is even better.

Snap a photo.

In this day and age, not everyone has the time or patience for traditional thank you notes. If you're more digitally minded, take the time to add a photo or short video to the tried-and-true "thanks" e-mails. Maybe it's a 10 second video of you saying why you appreciated taking the time to meet with a colleague, or a photo of you giving the thumbs up as you hold a coffee mug a client kindly gifted you. It'll take a little extra time, sure, but the receiver will feel truly appreciated after you show the extra effort.

Sweeten things up a bit.

Instead of sending a traditional card, why not send something sweet to show your thanks. In Minnesota alone, there are places that deliver warm cookiesfresh bouquets of fruit, and more. Add a thank you note to a tasty delivery to make sure you're remembered fondly.

Take your time with it.

We receive dozens of cards a year. For birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations in general. Most of those cards get a few moments of appreciative smiling and then go into a drawer, a box, or a bin - forgotten. The ones we hold onto and remember are the ones that say something special. When you write your notes, don't be afraid to show true sentiment. People can sense genuine feeling, and it always strikes a chord. In short: don't rush a signature, write a letter instead.

Don't go with a ho-hum delivery.

A stamp and a drop in the mailbox is nice and all, but it's not exactly memorable. If you're close enough with the person you're thanking, delivering the note in person adds credibility to the sentiment. If you're more of the kooky, fun type, you can always go for a singing telegram to bring home how truly thankful you are.

While you take care of your business's growth by showing gratitude to the people that matter most, let us take care of you by helping it function smoothly with managed print services, electronic document management, and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build a customized solution for your business.