5 Little Ways to Make the Office Feel Like Home

When you're grinding away at work, you probably don't pay much attention to your immediate surroundings. Just because you're not thinking about your office environment doesn't mean you aren't affected by it, however. Several studies have concluded that personalizing office decor can help you better manage stress, motivation, concentration, and mental fatigue.

It makes sense: you spend a lot of time in your office. If it feels sterile or corporate, it's harder for you to take ownership of the time you're spending there. Office decorating shouldn't feel frivolous, because it's important! Here are a couple quick suggestions for how you can make your space your own.


The type, source, and quality of lighting in the rooms we inhabit is the biggest mood determiner we never think about. Studies have shown that having natural or soft lighting can have a huge effect on productivity and daily happiness. Natural daylight is especially important, so if you can, pull up those blinds!

Even if you can't get any daylight in your office, some soft LED lighting looks and feels a lot more comfortable and welcoming than clinical fluorescents. Bring a favorite lamp from home for a little extra personalization. If you're feeling the winter blues, you could also look into a natural daylight lamp for your office space.


Few things convey a sense of satisfaction and ownership of space than a few simple potted plants. Taking the time to water and care for them every day can be a nice break, and a little nature will make your office feel a lot more comfortable.

For a lot of office workers, potted plants serve as the only sort of "garden" they have. Office plants even tend to be easier to take care of than plants at home, because they're always right there! If you've ever wanted to try your hand at caring for plants, an office plant can be a great first step.

"Real" Furniture

We're not hating on office furniture. It's usually designed the way it is for a reason; your desk chair might be ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable during long work hours. No matter how comfortable your office furniture is, however, it probably looks like office furniture.

When you're surrounded by the kind of corporate looking furniture no one would ever put in their house, it's hard to feel like your space is your own. If you've got the space, try bringing a "real" chair, loveseat, or sofa into your office. You can use it to mix things up or take a break, or even if you don't use it it'll be nice to have around.

A Rug

Just like real furniture, bringing a rug from home will make your office feel less like something you're just using and more like something that's yours. If you have a favorite rug or even just a style you're going for, a rug can really tie the room together. Try putting a nice, fluffy rug under your desk and you can give your feet a break as a bonus!

Rugs tend to be the kind of thing you'd never think about, but you'll definitely notice a positive difference if you put one in your office.


We can almost hear the joke you just thought of: "If I wanted to make my office feel like home, I'd make it more disorganized, not less!" Well, regardless of how disorganized your home may be, working in a disorganized space makes work harder to focus on and more stressful.

When you're feeling overwhelmed by clutter, it's harder to feel like you're on top of everything that's going on. You don't feel like you're in control of your time and space. It's an isolating feeling, and not the kind of mood you want to set for yourself at work. Arrange those stacks of paper, put away the files you don't need, and reclaim your office space as your own.

It's easy to neglect or devalue your own personal comfort for the sake of your work. It can even feel like self-sacrifice is how you prove you're a "good worker." Thinking like that isn't only wrong, it can be dangerous. Remember: you are your most valuable asset. You have to take care of that asset if you want it to work well. Be kind to yourself and create an environment you can thrive in. You might be surprised what a difference it makes.

If you find out you need new office equipment or management while you're getting your office space together, give Coordinated a call today. We can provide all the technology you need, so you can focus on what you do best.